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Phoenix Recovery Spell by Silver RavenWolf

All sorts of situations fall under the heading of “Recovery.” Recovery from a break-up. Recovery from the death of a loved one. Recovery from financial loss. Recovery from illness. Recovery from a move of house, change of job, and of course, last but certainly not least – recovery from the Vid – which everyone is going through at one stage or another. When the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio took shape, my mind churned like a steel propeller on a bayou boat. How could I use this incredible energy in the best interest of my family and friends? As a result of my contemplation, I created the Phoenix Collection for my WhisperMagick online store. The collection includes candles, an oil, and a delightful magickal powder to use in recovery spell work. I formulated these items to rise above the pain and set the intent for bouncing… not back… but further ahead!

But, I didn’t stop there. I created the following spell that I used with great success for two of my friends. You don’t have to have all the ingredients – this is just how I put it together. Both individuals were suffering from loss and/or recovering from sickness. Here is a list of supplies that I used:

Spell Supplies for Phoenix Recovery Spell

Phoenix Candle

Phoenix Magickal Oil

Phoenix Magickal Powder

Individual’s picture or name and birthdate

Slip of paper with clear intent, such as:

Recovery from experiences/manifestations suffered as a result of …

A selection of crystals and gemstones appropriate for the work. Also, I often take a Spirit Walk and gather items from nature for additional spellcasting ingredients.

I used my Simmer-Spell Set-Up, which includes the following:

Clay Plate


Clear Glass Dish

Candleholder appropriate for the candle you will use

The concept of the simmer spell is the same process as making a good stew. You start with basic ingredients and add other items to the stew/spell as it simmers. Here, the “simmer”/heat is the power of your mind. When I make a yummy stew, I continually add ingredients at specific intervals so that the result won’t be mushy and the flavors unfold rather than suffer overcooking. In the spell, I add additional components during the process either because it feels right, or as a result of divining how the candle is burning. In either case, I always keep (and repeat) the original intent – this is to ensure the foundation pattern of the working remains intact.

I begin with a cleansed round clay plate. I use clay because it is “of the earth.” The size of the plate is up to you, but the dish you choose to place on top of the plate must cover the edges of the plate. Draw a spirit circle in the center of the clay plate with white chalk. You can use colored chalk to match your intent if you “git to liking” this spell work and choose to use the idea frequently. The spirit circle symbolizes a collection point of energy between the worlds (some think of it as a landing pad, others a portal, a window, a manifestation machine…whatever…it is your spirit plate). The only rule I follow is that there are no gaps in the chalk drawing. Straight lines must touch the circle. The circle must be closed. You can add runes or other sigils in the “quarters” of the spirit circle…or not. Your choice.

Next, I add the spell ingredients right on top of the chalk spirit circle. This could be a name, a photo, crushed herbs, gemstone chips, or taglock – with only one rule, everything must be dry because we don’t want to break the power of our Spirit Circle. Wet items (if you want to use them) go on the transparent plate that will be placed on top of our “spirit dish.” Follow your intuition on the items and the placement. In my example, I used paper that I made on the evening of the Lunar Eclipse to express my intent and the individual’s name and birthdate. I keep the items I choose small so they can lie easily on the clay dish without affecting the balance of the glass dish I will place on top. I don’t want that glass dish to rock because I like to keep my candle holder stable and as level as possible. My reasoning is two-fold -- safety and because I “read” or divine the way the candle burns to know if I need to do something else, or add an additional ingredient onto the clear dish.

When I have everything arranged the way I want it on the spirit dish, I place a cleansed, clear, glass plate on top. At this point, I place my hands on the clear plate, stare into the spirit dish, and speak my words of conjuration. I always begin with: “I conjure thee O Spirit Plate, blending the patterns offered by earth’s essence, to…” and briefly state my desire. Ending with, “Intelligent Energy, I know you will do this for me!” If these words don’t resonate with you – no worries. Say what is most comfortable, most positive, and most clear. You can also see all items in your mind blending into one energy conjured for your purpose. You know how you do it best!

The top of the glass plate becomes the second tier of my working. I usually place a candle holder, an empowered candle, and anything else that applies to the working. Once everything is ready, I proceed with my spellcasting, which can be as varied as there are spells. Every work is individual and unique.

As the candle burns, I watch it for divinatory purposes and fire safety. I also add things to the dish if I feel the inspiration to do so; however, I pause and restate my intent every time I add something. For example, I may be thinking of the individual while I’m outside and find a feather. I will put that feather on the plate and thank Spirit for the gift, knowing that my message has gotten through to wherever it needs to go.

To keep that candle burning, or no?

I don’t. If I must leave the house, all candles go out. I never let them burn unattended. Candles do not babysit themselves. When I return, I re-light the candle and reaffirm my intent. With the Simmer Spell concept, the working continues to energetically bubble, even if the candle isn’t lit. Power isn’t lost because it is under the glass. All remains the same until I return.

What if the cat, ferret, or pet alligator knocks over your Simmer Spell? That spell is done. Sweep it up.

All of it. Wash off the plates. Clear and cleanse the candle holder. Throw all ingredients out – the power is gone. It fled when it hit the deck. No worries. Should you do it again? You can use your favorite divination tool to check, or you can simply wait and see what unfolds. Usually, something will change in the first 24 to 48 hours. I see the universe as an intricate mechanism constantly changing and adjusting. Sometimes, patience is the key.

Did the plates break? Spirit got the message. You don’t need to go further.

Must you use a candle? No. You can add an empowered item to the glass plate each day for 3, 7, or 9 days while whispering the words of the original intent.

Divining the Working

I have a few basic interpretations to keep the readings from getting too fussy. Anything to the right – the past. To the left? The future. Above? Conscious mind. Below – Subconscious mind. This pattern really helps when trying to establish the “flavor” of the working. Something breaks – negativity is broken. Fast burning – situation will move quickly. Slow burning – it will take a while. Lots of wax left at the bottom of a container candle? The querent can’t sit on their pinkies, they have work to do. A little soot – do a basic cleansing. A ton of soot? Not only should the individual do a cleansing, they need to clear their living area and look for an object that is rooting the problem to them and dispose of that. Burns clear in glass – you are good to go!

In my examples, both candles made at the same time from the same materials. Both were lit at about the same time, sat in the same area of the room, and experienced the same set of physical circumstances. Candle-A burned with a small amount of soot on the right side of the glass (the past) and had a significant amount of wax at the bottom of the container. This individual has not let go of the grief completely and needs to put physical effort into moving forward. That candle burned fast – the situation was definitely filled with activity. Cleansing work, and the suggestion to embrace something new to fill the void was given. Candle-B burned clear, had no soot, and consumed all the wax – but, it burned slow. The advice here was keep going, don’t give up, everything looks good, be patient and what you desire will manifest. A suggestion of deep breathing and cleansing with soft sounds every morning was encouraged.

The Break Down

Once the working is completed, it is time to dismantle your Simmer Pot. I cleanse all the non-disposables (crystals, the plates, the candle holder) and throw out the rest (herbs, etc.). Sometimes I burn the intent/petition paper, bury it, or even hang it from a ribbon on the tree outside. It depends on how I “gut-feel” – and, I go with that. If the intent was heavy banishment, I trash everything. There are situations when I use the same simmer-pot for up to three workings for an individual. For example, in the case of Candle-A – I cleared off the top dish, added a Violet protection tea candle, and left the bottom clay plate and its items intact. For Candle-B, I left the feather and crystals on the clear dish, wiped off the rest, and added an Enchanted Apple tea candle for good fortune. Again, leaving the clay bottom and its contents alone. I have used the same simmer-pot set-up for the same person up to 3 times. After the third use, I dismantle everything and if another working should be done, start fresh.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Like a simmer spell, I worked this project for several days – fixing this…adding that. Monitoring my spellwork and taking notes. I hope the information is of assistance to you. I know that it is one thing to read a recipe – but, another to actually cook it! My exploded stromboli comes to mind…By adding my experiences, you can see the thought-process and actions that went into the work.

Do not let the pain of your past dictate your future. Rise.

Peace with the Gods

Peace with Nature

Peace within!


P.S. If you work this spell? Let me know how it turned out! Would love to hear.

Do not use this article/information in lieu of professional legal/professional medical assistance.

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