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MoonBeams Metaphysical — So Much Fun!

Laughter is the best part of the healing circle.

Saturday, Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus — And lots of wonderful magick!  Up at 5:00 AM.  An offering to the Gods that the day will go well for all who attend.  Mist curls over the countryside, slipping around the mountains, sliding across the Susquehanna River — bits of golden orange leaves peeking through the soft, grey cloak of fog.  I can feel Samhain coming in my bones, and it leaves me invigorated.  What will this day bring, I ask myself as we unload the car at Moonbeams, share hugs with good friends, and prepare to start a very Witchy day.

My daughter-in-law, Samantha, and I have worked very hard this past week preparing for our visit to Moonbeams Metaphysical in Selinsgrove.  I wrote a new seminar for Honoring the Ancestors that I hoped would provide unusual and interesting information for the participants, prepared formulas, gathered all my recipes I’ve been using for many years, and spent hours painting Gede Sticks, grinding powders and blessing herbs.  Samantha and I made trips last week to two different cemeteries to gather grave dirt and leave offerings of white rum and tobacco… I looked at the beautiful interior of the store filled with streaming, morning sun…it was 9:30 AM and we were about to launch the day.

And it was marvelous!  So many nice people, lots of laughs, lots of smiles — a wonderful group mind both in the healing circle and in the seminar.  Several people drove from other states just to be there — I felt blessed to share such great energy with so many lovely human beings!

The entire day was wonderful, but, there were three really high points for me.  First, my oldest son and his wife, Samantha, attended.  My son has served two tours of duty overseas, and it was a delight to have him home, with his wife, and both of them sharing my life for that day with all my magickal friends.

The second occurred during the healing circle.  Near the end of the circle I was talking about how we end our healing circles here at the hearthstone, and how Celia always closes them with her working for peace.  As I was explaining this, I said that I wished Celia could be here to show them.  The next thing I know, Thorn, one of our BFC High Priests, said, “Silver!  Celia is outside the window!  She’s here!”  We opened the door and in walks Lady Celia!  She’d driven almost two hours to get there and we had no idea she would be able to come.  That she’d arrived just at that moment was certainly a gift from Spirit.  To have Lady Celia enter the circle and do her working for peace for all the attendees was a marvelous spiritual gift.  Thank you Lady Celia!

The third moment was also unexpected.  Lord Thorn, who I mentioned earlier, was kind enough to agree to come to the seminar and help with the opening segment, which was to cast a circle, call the quarters, and invite the ancestors to enter.  The trick is to determine exactly where, on the outside of the circle, that your ancestors are waiting to speak to you — and let me tell you, it isn’t always the traditional West.  Thorn found two places where he felt energy changes.  As he put his hand up to re-test the stronger area, someone snapped a picture.  A few seconds later they shouted, “I’ve got orbs!”  Another picture snapped.  “I do, too!” came from someone else.  Several folks joined in taking pictures and we found we had quite a collection of phenomena.  Throughout the seminar several attendees continued to take pictures with very interesting results.  I thought this was a wonderful added dimension to the seminar — totally unplanned!  Most of the orbs and other unusual photographic items centered over our impromptu ancestral altar that we set right by Thorn’s original ancestry energy point.

Our day ended around midnight when Mick and I finally made it home.  I finished my evening by taking out the dogs, standing under the beautiful moon, and thanking Spirit for such a love filled experience.  They don’t make days better than this, I thought.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank-you!

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