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I’ve Got Your Back — Release Program Magick


The other day I wrote about a bit of magick we did at our Yule gathering.  I talked about how we each drew a name out of a basket, and then stood behind that person.  We put our hands on their shoulders, and we chanted while moving clockwise — “I’ve got your back!”  In this instance, we agreed that we would work positive thoughts, prayers and energy for the person in front of us the whole year through.

Several of you indicated that you are solitary, and that you would like to do something like that here.  The suggestion was also made that we do it by posts.  For example, I post this article, and then the first person to comment “has my back”, meaning they will send positive energy and prayers for me.  The next person who comments is responsible to work for the person who commented before them, and so on.  I will always work for the last person on the comment stream.

The whole year through may be difficult for some of you, so I’m putting a time limit.  When you comment, you agree to work for the person ahead of you until the end of the program.  If you wish to continue, please let that person know.

Don’t worry that someone may forget to work for you.  Lord Thorn and I discussed this the other night.  We agreed to make sure all your names go in our monthly healing circle throughout 2013.  That way — no spiritual person is left behind.

Sound good to you?  Let the comments begin!

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