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How to Make Your Own Magickal Odor Eliminate Spray

How to Make Your Own Magickal Odor Eliminate Spray by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Recently quickie instructions hit my Facebook page on how to make your own Febreze-type odor eliminate.  When I read the formula, I thought, “I can make this magickal!”  This formula gives you the odor eliminate product as well as a jar of blessed herb water that can be used as holy water.  I made my formula on Beltane, as part of my magickal ceremonies.  Here’s how you do it:


1 empty spray bottle 27.0 fluid ounces (I used an old spray bottle) 6 cups total of water — divided into 3 cups each (you’ll see what I mean) 2 Tablespoons of baking soda 1/8 cup of your chosen liquid fabric softener (I chose a liquid fabric softener that is white) 2 measuring cups (for ease) 1 canning jar (to hold your finished blessed herb water) plain white paper towels (we will use these to test your herb water) wooden spoon (to stir mixture) 1 paper coffee filter (to hold herbs) 1 rubber band (to secure herbs in coffee filter) a selection of dried herbs (your choice)


For my magickal herbs, I chose African Basil (as an energy cleanser and a binder), Rosemary (as an energy cleanser), Yarrow Flowers (a good herb to use when people are troubled by unhappy emotions, considered a stress reliever, and can also be used to protect the home).

As matter of habit, I gathered all my supplies, blessed and consecrated them to the Lord and Lady, asking for the blessings of Beltane to be upon this project.

First, I made the herb water.

Step One:  Pour your empowered herbs into the coffee filter.

My odor eliminator spray will include African Basil, Rosemary, and Yarrow Flowers.

My odor eliminator spray will include African Basil, Rosemary, and Yarrow Flowers.

Step Two:  Twist the filter closed.  Secure with a rubber band so it won’t unfurl in the hot water.


Step Three:  Place herb bundle in 3 cups of hot water.  Let steep for about ten minutes (not too long because the herbs will naturally color the water — the darker the water the more chance of staining fabric).


Step Four:  Remove herb bundle.  Stir herb water.  Empower with any charm or spell you like.  Add 1/8 cup of the herb water to 3 cups of clear, heated blessed water.  Pour remaining herb water in a marked jar to use later for other magickal projects.


Step Five:  Stir the new water mixture, adding any specific blessings you desire.  Test this mixture by sprinkling some on a white paper towel.  Allow to dry.  As odor eliminate sprays are often used on fabric, we want to make sure our mixture won’t stain material.  If it does, the blends needs diluted again.  If not, we can move forward and finish making our spray formula.


Step Six:  Be sure the new water blend is warm before adding 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/8 cup of fabric softener of your choice.


Step Seven:  Take your time and empower your new odor elimination blend.  Pour into spray bottle.  Due to the size of the bottle, you may have some left over.  You can put the remainder in a second bottle, or dispose of it.


Step Eight:  Test by spraying your mixture on a clean, white paper towel.  Allow to dry.  If no staining occurs, your blend is finished!  If there is staining, it might be the fabric softener you chose.  I picked a variety that is white, rather than blue.


Step Nine:  Clearly mark your bottle of odor elimination spray, either with a marker or create a label of your choice so that all family members are aware of what it is and what it is for.  Store your odor elimination out of reach of children.  Use your magickal product like any other odor removal spray, except now, it is so more magickal carrying the field of energy you created!

Is This Spray as Good as Store-Bought?  Your spray may not be as aromatic as those sold in stores.  For those of you who are highly sensitive to various fragrances, you may consider this a good thing.  The strength of the aroma depends greatly on the choice of liquid fabric softener and the amount of softener used in your formula.  This DIY spray separates after it sits, so you will need to shake it each time before you use it.  On the upside — you get to choose what goes into your spray, you will save money if you make several batches, and the project is both magickal and fun — a perfect activity to do with school-age children.


Store your Blessed Herbal Mixture in the refrigerator to keep it fresh longer.  Use to bless tools, your front and back doors, or asperging your sacred space.  A little Beltainne (Beltane) energy lets the springtime in!

Silver Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within

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