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Great Release Program – Day 27 — Friday — 27 December 2013


Great Release Program Day 27 Friday 27 December 2013

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Capricorn (Earth) Fourth Quarter Moon – Release and Rest Moon in Scorpio — Power, Healing, Investigative, Self-Mastery Friday — Ruled by Venus Today:  Angels of the Crossroads

Angels of the astrological signs work under the collective theme of that sign’s energy pattern.  Many times, when we are learning to work with these patterns the plethora of keywords can seem overwhelming.  As we are only five days way from finishing this year’s program, I’ve created a list that will help you in the future when working with the Angels of the Astrological Signs — and when the Moon or Sun is visiting these signs.

Aries — Aggressive Taurus — Solid Mercury — Movement Cancer — Protective Leo — Expressive Virgo — Worth Libra — Blend Scorpio — Potential Sagittarius — Expansion Capricorn — Structure Aquarius — Determined Pisces — Optimism

Today, the Moon is in Scorpio and the Sun is in Capricorn — We have a blend of Potential and Structure.  The moon is in the 4th quarter, and therefore in its flow of removal, banishment, and dissolution.  These three keywords:  Potential, Structure, Dissolution — make up the basic energy alignment  for today.  What can you let go of today to increase your potential for success?  Let’s add a fourth mental element — The Angels of the Crossroads.  In magick, the crossroads (physical, mental, spiritual)  carries an incredible amount of symbolism.  Today, we are viewing the Crossroads as a place where we let things go — a position of choice and change.  Why not petition the Angels of the Crossroads to help you make an important decision filled with wisdom?  Write your intent, question, or need in the center of the sigil below.

Braucherei Crossroads Symbol to use for Sigils.  Print out this symbol.  Collect items that represent the change you want to make in your life and place them in the center of the sigil.

Braucherei Crossroads Symbol to use when working with Angels of the Crossroads. Print out this symbol. Collect items that represent the change you want to make in your life and place them in the center of the sigil.

Leave the sigil and the items untouched until New Year’s Eve.  In that time, you will begin receiving messages from The Angels of the Crossroads that apply to your request or working — signs include seeing equal-armed crosses around you in objects that you never noticed before, finding yourself at a physical place where two roads intersect — especially if you got lost and found yourself there, or if the crossroads appear “unworldly” or filled with fairy-like energy, drifting items carried by the wind such as cups, paper, leaves, etc.  On New Year’s Even, burn your sigil and scatter the ashes at a physical crossroads.  Walk away without looking back — the closer to midnight, the better.

Today’s Physical Challenge:  Walk through your living area and find the “crossroads” of traffic in your space.  There is one.  Make sure this area is totally clutter free — including small furniture.  Anything sitting there stops the healthy “chi” (energy movement) of the home.  Cleanse and bless this area.

Summary:  Important choices are so hard to make, so today we talked about asking the Angels of the Crossroads for a little help.  We also went over basic, keyword themes for the twelve astrological signs that you can use later in your magickal work.

(1)  Do your Braucherei Morning Ritual and remember to change the water. (2)  Clear out the “crossroads” area in your home.  This is the area that experiences the most foot traffic. (3)  Throw out one thing (no donation, no upcycle — throw). (4)  Do one Mad Minute Exercise (5)  If you like, create a petition for the Angels of the Crossroads

Tomorrow:  Donate Day!  We are going to walk through our living area one more time and gather items for donation to charity.  I realize that you have been doing this all along; but, tomorrow is the day to help you make those choices you’ve been vacillating on.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!

Only the Good Remains Silver

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