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Great Release Program – Day 20 – 20 December – Saturday – Big Banish Day &#8

Silver RavenWolf

Saturday — 4th Quarter Sagittarius Moon — Perfect Banishing Opportunity!

2014 Great Release Program Day 20 – December 20  2014 — Saturday (Saturn Day) by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away! Saturday —  Big Banish Day!

Moon in Sagittarius!  Lots of energy!

4th Quarter (Removal, Rest and Recovery) — Last Day to take advantage of this window of opportunity to Let Go!  

Ideal Planetary Hour for Sagittarius Magick — Jupiter

Saturday is a  Saturn Day — Call on Saturn to help you throw out the junk! Dress a white candle with vinegar to help you clear the way!

Winter Solstice Occurs exactly at 6:03 PM EST/ 3:03 PM PST on Sunday, December 21st — It is also a New Moon at 8:36 PM EST/ 5:36 PM PST.

This Week’s Theme: Direction

Pick a positive thought.  Hold on to it.  SEND it to a loved one.  Retain the connection as long as you can. Practice sending one positive thought to someone you love three times a day.

Hail and Good Morning!

Today you are three quarters through this year’s Great Release Challenge!  Remember, do what you can, let the rest go.  Our most important feat is learning to let it all flow!  Tonight is Winter Solstice Eve — if you can, light a bonfire to burn out the darkness and bring in the light.  Use herbals such as white sage, lemon grass or lemon verbena to throw in the fire.  Can’t do that?  A white candle will do, with this simple straightforward chant:

I banish the darkness, the sickness the pain — I light this white candle to bring forth the change!

As you chant, ring bells.  No bells?  Bang pots and pans!  At the end of the chanting — state clearly exactly what change you need!

Today’s Challenge — You choose!  Toss!  Throw!  Give Away!  It is a Saturday on a 4th quarter moon — you can’t ask for a better window than that!  The Sagittarius Moon energy has a lot of git-up-n’-go — use it to your best advantage!

Summary — Here is today’s list!  

1.  Perform Your Morning Braucherei Ritual (1 star) 2.  Throw at or give at least ONE thing away. (2 stars) 3  Make a concerted effort to send one positive thought to someone you love as long as you can three times today. (1 star) 4.  Do today’s main challenge — You Choose! (5 stars) 5.  Do one 3-Minute Dash! (3 stars) 6.  Honor Winter Solstice Eve (4 stars) 7.  Empower a white candle dressed with vinegar to banish the worst and make way for the best! (2 stars) 8.  Post how the program is going for you in the comment section (5 stars) 9.  Don’t forget to do your Evening Walk Through right before you go to bed! (1 star)

Total Number of Stars You Can Earn Today:  24  

See ya in the morning! Silver

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