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Great Release Program – Day 16 – Monday – 16 December 2013


Great Release Program Monday 16 December 2013 Day 16

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) Second Quarter Moon (Building, Revitalizing, Overcoming Minor Obstacles) Moon in Gemini — Intelligence, Communication, Resourcefulness, Imaginative! Monday — Ruled by the Moon Today:  Queen of the Angels

Moon in Gemini is all about movement!  Up or down, right or left, in or out…the resourceful energy of Gemini is all about quicksilver change.  Whether this change is perceived as good or bad depends upon the content of thought and information.  Have you noticed that when you made an effort to change your living environment that some things were easy to let go of, where other things crept over to a different room or area that was clean before; but, now — not so much?  Take a moment and consider what you haven’t let go — physically, mentally, spiritually?  Are you still harboring pain?  Anger?  Unhappiness?  Are you thinking that you simply cannot let go of something in your past?  That the pain, or anger, or unhappiness is too ingrained?  You say:  “It happened.  I can’t change that.  And I’m stuck with it,” and then you miserably shuffle on through life.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

My favorite movie of all time is A Christmas Carol — a story that has been featured many times in theatre, film, radio and television.  The story, adapted from a novelette written by Charles Dickens in 1843,  is a tale of a man (Scrooge) filled with anger, unhappiness, and pain brought about by his own actions and reactions to stressful events in his life.  We first meet Scrooge in his elderly life, where he is in denial, burying the guilt of his constant, nasty behavior, and continuing to bring pain and suffering to others as well as himself.  Although many people have tried to help or change Scrooge — none are successful.

What changes Scrooge — is Scrooge.

The catalyst for Scrooge’s rebirth is a night of dreams, filled with the psychological steps of recovery in the form of spirits.  He is shown the initial stressors of choice and loss, and how that original pain led to a continuous stream of narcissistic actions in his attempt to avoid the truth.  Rather than moving past the original stressors, his choices led him deeper into psychological dysfunction.  The story shows Scrooge, at a very late age, on the journey of mental recovery that includes facing his original grief and sorrow, working through his denial, recognizing the truth of his actions and how they affected others, and examining those feelings.  The end of the story shows Scrooge forgiving himself and others, and realizing that each new day is an opportunity to be a better person than the day before.  The film is a testament that things change, and how they change for the better is orchestrated by ourselves.

I have always loved the story because (to me) it says that even though you are an eighty-year-old nasty shit, today is another day wherein you can radically change your behavior and accept joy; and in that acceptance, change not only your own life; but, the lives of others as well.

You orchestrate your own doom.

If you don’t like that idea — then change it.

The Queen of the Angels exists in many forms.  In Paganism, she is the Lady, our Goddess.  In Catholicism, St. Catherine Laboure is visited by a glowing entity, who imparted a special message.  She told Catherine that she was the blessed mother of all children, calling herself “The Queen of Angels”.  “Each morning, Catherine would return to the chapel where she first met the entity, hoping for another visit.  One morning she finally appeared again, standing on a globe bathed in brilliant light and clothed by the sun.  She wore rings on each finger.  When she opened the palms of her hands, blazing rays of fire leaped forth to ignite the globe.  The Queen of Angels radiated an immense, pulsing light as she spoke the following words:

The sphere you see represents the planet Earth.  These rays that shine from my hands symbolize the graces entrusted to me to give to those of our children who ask me for them.  The gems from which the rays do not shine are the graces of which my children forget to ask.  The light of the angels symbolizes their power and their presence on earth.  Allow me to help you, my children.  Seek the light of the angels.” (1)

What are you waiting for?


And it shall be given. If Scrooge can do it… You can, too!

Believe it!

Your Challenge Today:  Let’s take care of that stuff that has managed to move into an area that you have already cleaned.  It doesn’t belong there.  If you haven’t used it in a year, don’t have any immediate plans for it — what the heck are you keeping it for?  This “stuff” is probably attached to thoughts that you have refused to jettison from your life.  The correlation may not be readily apparent — that’s okay.  Clean up the area, get rid of the junk, you may be surprised at what mental garbage finally breaks loose in your brain and crawls out the door!

Summary:  Today we acknowledged that real and lasting change comes from the self — it is your decision.  Either you want to continue to hoard the pain of old memories or you are ready to boot them out!  Whichever you choose — the choice IS yours.  If you need help, call on the Queen of Angels — she’s there, she’s ready to help — all you have to do is ask.

(1)  Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and remember to change your wish water.  Today, invoke the Queen of Angels BEFORE you do the ritual.  Did things change?  Did you feel better?  More empowered? (2)  Clean up an area that was previously clean; but, now new stuff has moved in to clutter the place. (3)  Throw out, give away or upcycle something — this is the most important facet of the program.  Get rid of something EVERY day. (4)  Do two Mad Minute exercises.

Tomorrow:  Pet Day!  If you don’t have a pet, do something nice for a friend or family member who does have one, OR make a donation to a pet charity, OR take pet food to your local food bank (they really need it, people forget about the family pets).

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within. Only the Good Remains.


(1)  Angels, Companions in Magick by Silver RavenWolf, page 55

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