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Great Release Challenge — Day Thirteen — Thursday!


Day Thirteen! — 2012 Great Release Challenge! by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

Today’s Mental Challenge — is a writing exercise.  Yesterday we celebrated that powerful new moon in Sagittarius.  Today, we’re going to take advantage of that energy by writing a statement of intent.  This is the perfect time to take advantage of the powerful energies available.  By forming your goals into symbols (letters, words, pictures, sigils) and bringing them into the physical world by placing them on paper, you will be setting the energy in motion that is needed to accomplish your desire on this plane of existence.  From there your desire grows to full manifestation.

For this exercise we will work on one statement of intent.  Although you may have many goals, try to pick the one that is most meaningful to you right now; perhaps something that encompass the well-being of the heart of the family.   You will need a red pen, a red bag or envelope (or an envelope you have decorated yourself), a piece of paper, and a living plant OR a quartz crystal.

First, mark the center of your living or working environment.  Take your time, walk around where you live or work and quietly determine the center.    It is from here, the heart of the home, that emotional energy travels outward.  What does it look like?  Does its condition reflect your family or work environment at this time?  Clear all clutter, dirt, debris, junk, crap, whatever from this place, and for the remainder of the program (and hopefully beyond) keep this area free of dirt and clutter as much as possible above and beyond the other tasks that we do.

Next, take several deep, cleansing breaths, write down your intention (or what you desire) that you wish to manifest.  Write clearly, meaning, be as specific as possible, and then add the words “or better”.  For this type of working, be sure to add a “thank-you” that reflects receipt of your desire on the opposite side of the paper.  What if everything is such a mess that you don’t know, exactly, where your focus should be?  Just ask for joy and let the universe take it from there.

Place your paper in the envelope.  Hold the envelope in your hands and practice the Sea of Potential Exercise you learned early in the program.  When you are finished, place the envelope in the center of the home, under that crystal or living plant. Leave it there until your desire manifests, then burn the paper and the envelope.

What if there is a piece of furniture in the center of your home?  If things are stuck for your family, move it or rearrange its position.  If rearranging doesn’t seem to help (you should feel the change within 24 hours) definitely think about moving the piece.  If the furniture placement doesn’t seem to affect the well-being of the family, then place the plant or crystal and envelope on that piece of furniture (for example, if it is a table).

How I’ve Been Doing:

I’ve gotten quite a lot accomplished in the past week.  Over the weekend my husband and I tackled the walk-in closet, adding new shelving, moving shelving out of our bedroom and into my work room (which is still the most unorganized part of the house, sigh).  I’ve been picking at that room a little bit every day.  I found a pet feeder that works great (I tried the mat, great idea, except Oz is a sixty pound dog with at least 120 pounds of torque in the nose pushing department).

I also added plants to our decor, and did some research on low-light-hard-to-kill varieties.

if you are looking for easy care green friends.  In Feng Shui the southeast corner of any room, particularly your office or hobby/work area is the place to put living plants to enhance personal profits and good luck.  If you have terrible luck with plants, the artificial variety is acceptable.  Avoid, they say, cactus plants, as they send poison darts into the area.  Bamboo, on the other hand, is considered particularly auspicious — if you have no desire to raise the plant, a painting will do just fine.  Not only does bamboo encourage wealth and prosperity, it is also used as a protective correspondence.  As with most items in Feng Shui, Bamboo should be displayed in pairs to keep the luck strong and long lasting.

My husband and I also talked about what he might like to do with his man-cave (this is a study/office/relaxation place just for him).  He had some interesting theme ideas, so I’ll be on the lookout for items that will make his room more comfortable and to his liking.  He never says much about decorating, so I seized the opportunity when he opened up about it.  I also moved items out of his closet that belonged elsewhere in the house, freeing up his closet for his own, personal choices.  When we moved in the fall several things got shoved in there because we had no idea where to put them.  As we’re becoming comfortable with our space, I’m able to move things around that will suit better.

Your Physical Mission Today:  Sports and Exercise Equipment

Today’s physical challenge is to clean out, clean up, give away, or release as it applies to you — sports and exercise equipment.  If you don’t have any, choose another area of your environment to work on.

Tomorrow:  Your Clothing


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle. 2.  Clear and clean the center of your home (if this hasn’t been done already). 3.  Clean, release or store, sports and exercise equipment. 4.  Write your intention statement and perform the exercise given. 5.  Get Ready for Tomorrow!

Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s physical sports and exercise equipment challenge.  Two gold stars if you also practiced the mental Happy Town visualization exercise.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your new Wish List .  Five Gold Stars if you kept up your Speed Cleaning Exercises.   Six Gold Stars if you completed today’s Spiritual/Mental exercise.  Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.

So be it.


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