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Day Two - Mini Great Release Program

by Silver RavenWolf

4th Qtr Moon in Capricorn -- Excellent energy for reorganizing, banishing, clearing and cleansing!  Burn a brown candle for miracles.  Don't have a brown candle?  Roll a white one in honey, brown sugar, and coffee grounds for good fortune and miracles.

Greetings and Top of the Day to ya!  Louisa Lolly has several suggestions for you today. 

First, let's get a morning routine going -- something that you will do each morning to brighten your day and get the energy moving!  Louisa Lolly has developed a unique routine -- something that she likes.  Before she gets out of her nest, she does leg stretches.  Then, after her bathroom necessities (teeth, hair, brains, whatever) she does 50 sit-ups followed by 15 minutes of Yoga (corpse pose is her favorite) and a little Tai Chi, lifts hand weights (because you never know when an old bird will have to knock somebody out), and then goes for a morning walk where she stands facing the rising sun and intones her morning prayer 3 times:

Eastwards I stand for favors I pray From Goddess Divine and Lord of the Day Earth lends her power and breath sends the spell Days end will reveal that all will be well!

Sometimes she does her prayer with her eyes closed (which she likes the best because the sun is bright) and other times she does it with her eyes open because the doggie tries to get into things he shouldn't, and just about rips her wing out of her socket as she tries to control him and intones the prayer through her clenched bill.

When she comes back inside, Louisa Lolly does a rattle bath.  Some of you are familiar with this clearing process from last year's Release Program.  I've added the information here for those who aren't familiar with it.  In all honesty, it takes longer to read than to do!

The Rattle Bath

While practicing Yoga, I learned a Nidra that I incorporated into a rattle practice. Basically, you pass the rattle over various points of the body to clear away negativity and heighten healing, spiritual vibrations. The technique uses the standard seven chakras, as well as minor energy points. If you find intoning the sounds bothersome or irritating – you don’t need to do it. Just stick with the rattle, and you will be fine. Let’s do a walk through with sound and rattle points.

Begin by shaking the rattle over your Crown Chakra and intoning the sound “Om” in your Throat. If you can, visualize purple light (if this is too much, no worries). Incorporate one deep inhale, rest for a one-count, and exhale at each chakra point.

Next, shake the rattle at your Third Eye (in between your eyebrows), visualize indigo light, and repeat the sound “Om. “ Remember one deep inhale, rest, and exhale. Shake the rattle at your Throat, imagine blue/turquoise and intone with the “Ham” sound. Inhale, rest, exhale.

Move the rattle to the Heart Chakra. Visualize green light and repeat the sound “Yam” while shaking the rattle. Don’t forget the deep inhale, rest, and exhale before moving to the next segment.

We are now going to “light” up several energy points. As you shake the rattle over each point, visualize white light literally popping and sparkling over the area. Right shoulder, right elbow, right wrist, right palm, right fingers (one, two, three, four, five – one at a time). Continue back to palm, right wrist, right elbow, right shoulder, and heart chakra. Repeat the sound “Yam.” Inhale, rest, and exhale deeply.

Let’s move to the left. Shake the rattle over each point, again visualizing the light popping over each point mentioned. Left shoulder, left elbow, left wrist, left palm, left fingers (one, two, three, four, five – one at a time). Continue back to palm, left wrist, left elbow, left shoulder, and heart chakra. Repeat the sound “Yam.” Inhale, rest, and exhale deeply.

Move the rattle to the Solar Plexus Chakra, intoning the sound “Ram” and visualizing yellow light. Remember the deep inhale, rest, exhale breath. Next, shake the rattle over the Sacral chakra, intoning the sound, “Vam.” Visualize an orange glow. Inhale, rest, and exhale deeply.

Move the rattle to the Root Chakra, chanting the sound “Lam” and visualizing a red light.

Again, we are going to “light” up several energy points. As you shake the rattle over each point, visualize while light popping and sparkling over the area. Move the rattle to the right hip, the right knee, the right ankle, the center of the right foot, the right toes (one, two, three, four, five – one at a time). Continue back to the middle of the foot, right ankle, right knee, right hip, and over the Root Chakra, intoning the sound“Lam,” inhaling, rest, and exhale deeply.

Move the rattle to the left hip, left knee, left ankle, left center foot, left toes (one, two, three, four, five – one at a time), back to the left-center foot, left ankle, left knee, left, hip, and pelvis (root chakra). Intone the sound “Lam”, inhaling, rest and exhale deeply.

Now it is time to “closeup” the cleansing work you have done. Work upwards with the rattle, centering on each chakra, remembering to breathe deeply at each energy point – Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Hit the rattle on the ground or table 3 times to finish. This is the sealing “sound.”

In all honesty, this practice takes a lot longer to read than it does to do! The rattle bath is perfect for any time or for any purpose, even when you are feeling just a bit sluggish. I’ve incorporated this practice into the release program as a daily segment that can follow your Morning Ritual (see the introduction post).

We've had remarkable results using the rattle bath here at the RavenWolf hearthstone.  Students and seminar attendees love the practice and have written to me later to tell me how wonderfully it has worked for them.  Do give it a whirl!

Today's First Challenge -- Make Your Own Routine -- Today's first challenge is to devise your own morning routine.  It has to be fashioned in a way that you will enjoy it and WANT to do it.  Feel free to tweak it as the days move forward.  Remember to mix it up.  Make each day a little different to keep you interested.

Today's Second Challenge -- Sparkle the Door!  Use 4-Thieves Vinegar or any vinegar you have in the house.  Mix one cup of this vinegar in one gallon of water.  Wash your front and back doors (be sure to test the solution so as not to harm your paint).  Then, with blessed water, draw either a pentagram (5 pointed star) or the Helm of Awe on the front and back doors, and pentagrams on all the windows you can reach.  Some will prefer the Star of David.  It doesn't matter as long as the sigil/design resonates with you.  In Braucherei, sickness is viewed as a negative energy pattern that must be chased out and disassembled so that it cannot harm the self or others.   Setting up protective energy measures such as hex signs, runic staves, etc., has always been part of the living process.  You may also want to color and place a rosette in the center of your home as it is believed the design draws protection and good fortune during difficult times.

Hexefus/Blummersterne -- Protection and Good Fortune during hard times.

Louisa Lolly's 4 Thieves Vinegar Recipe -- There many recipes that you can find on the net.  But, (and here is why I have always loved Braucherei/ Pow-Wow -- and why I loved the way Ray Malbrough taught Spiritism) what if you don't have money to go out and buy special herbs, or you are on quarantine and just can't hop in the jitney and go get ye some?  Hey!  Mebbe Amazon don't deliver to ya'll.  Whatever!  Here is what you do (given you have the main ingredient -- Vinegar) -- a Need-Be spell.  I need it.  So be it.

Set the vinegar on the counter.  Start searching the house for edible herbal ingredients.  Now, I say edible because if you have a household like mine -- people simply do not read labels -- they eat it anyway.  In fact, I have a tippy-top shelf in my bedroom that only I know where it is to keep the dangerous stuff.  Since there is a "no eating" rule in my bedroom, no one ever forages for food there and we are good.

Raise the energy in yourself -- meaning get the energy flowing -- and connect with universal energy -- you can use techniques you've learned in my programs, from your HP/HPS, or one of your own.  When your hands begin to throb, start gathering edible herbal stuff.  Most herbs are two-headed -- they can banish or they can attract -- you have to research your herbs to know which does what.  How they grow tells you a great deal about how they will work in magick.

Today, I can collect thyme, dried hot peppers I saved from my garden, basil, rosemary, and sage.  Put as much as you like in the bottle of vinegar.  Shake it good.  Bless it.  Tell your blend what you need it to do.  No kidding.  In the type of magick I do, everything gathers impressions and gives them.  Everything listens.  Everything vibrates to your presence.

This vinegar will keep for a VERY long time, as vinegar has a super shelf life.  You can change out the herbs every few months if you like.  Or, you can use it all today.  Your choice.

How do I have these fresh herbs?

Kitchen Window Hydroponic Herbs

My house is always so dark and raising plants presents a real problem.  I only have one or two viable windows that are so crowded it looks like a jungle.  I expect to see gorillas and tigers emerge from the dense foliage...maybe a python or two.  In January, I started placing herbs in mason jars and pretty glasses on my tiny kitchen window sill, trying my hand at mini hydroponics.  I learned to purchase only organic herbs to start and use our well water, which is super because it comes from an aquifer.   I change the water every day to keep up the nutrients, and I have come to understand that patience is the key.  It takes the plant spirits a little time to figure out how to manifest themselves in this type of environment; but, once they get a handle on it, they are good to go.

Challenge Three -- Make your own mini hydroponic garden.  Pick a window sill, add a few plants, change the water daily, talk to them, decorate the sill.  Invite the fairies to visit!  You can save this challenge for when you can get to the store for some organic herbs, or go outside and take some cuttings from your garden.  It is still cold here In Pennsylvania and only the rosemary and sage are growing.  Hint:  Rosemary takes the longest to root.  She is very fussy.  Don't give up and throw her away.  Give her the time she needs.

Summary -- Total Possible 26 stars -- Every 10th star give yourself a present!

1. Throw or give one thing away today. -- Earn 1 star. 

2. Set up a morning routine. 

3. Something that will get the energy moving.  Earn 5 stars. 

4. Make 4-Thieves Vinegar - Earn 5 stars. Cleanse and dress your front and back doors, and your windows.  Earn 10 stars. 

5. Color the Witches' Foot Hex Sign, empower, and place in the center of your home to bring good fortune during difficult times.  Earn 5 stars.

If you need healing, please post on my FB Healing page.  We will work for you.

Big hugs Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within


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