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Day Two — Great Release Challenge!

You Can Do an Amazing House Cleansing With Just a Sock and a Broom!

Day Two — 2011 Great Release Challenge! For December 2nd or…Whenever! by Silver RavenWolf

Good Morning!  Did you remember to do your Morning Braucherei Ritual?  Good for you!  No?  Go do it quick!

Today you will need a regular broom, a trash bag, holy water, banishing herbs, and an old, clean sock you don’t want anymore. Pour banishing herbs into the sock (how much and what is entirely up to you) and roll the sock into a ball.  If you don’t own any herbs, don’t panic, sprinkle the sock with holy water, or go to your kitchen cabinet and see what herbs and spices are lurking there.  Don’t forget to sprinkle the broom with holy water, too.  Finally, you will need a blessed, white candle OR if candles are a problem — a flashlight will do.  If you don’t have either, you don’t get to skate — envision white light.

Our chant for today is one of my favorite ones:

Evil be gone do not return The horse has run off and the bridges are burned.

That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.  This is a Braucherei charm, and although you may laugh, it works incredibly well to get rid of negativity and nasty people.  We’ll be using this charm throughout the challenge period.

Your Mission Today

With trash bag in hand, walk through your entire living area picking up the clutter/trash.  Use the above chant while you are working.  Envision your Guardian walking with you, helping you as you clear away the candy wrappers, the old newspapers, the out of date magazines, the dirty underwear under the bed (hey, I raised four kids, I’ve seen worse stuck in strange places — like the petrified banana under the sofa).  The goal is to have a clutter-free floor (to start) and if you have time, begin pulling the junk off of end tables, shelves, counters, etc.  If you don’t have time, don’t sweat it today.  We’ll get to it.  What if you already view this as a problem?  What if it looks like so much that you already feel defeated?  Then concentrate on one, small area, and begin, because beginning is the hardest of all!  Add music in the background — something uplifting, or burn a wax melt or highly scented candle that makes you feel strong, joyous, or secure.

If a family member baulks, tell them they can’t get new, cool stuff if the place is cluttered with old stuff.  The possibility of great, new stuff is a fairly good incentive for most everybody.  Its a donkey – carrot thing.

So, why should we bother clearing the clutter off the floor?  The more clutter in your living area indicates the more clutter in your brain.  Perhaps you’ve been feeling inundated lately, or depressed, or weighed down by personal stress.  Or maybe you want to forge ahead, having that cool excited feeling inside; but, things just don’t seem to be moving for you.  Either way this is definitely the time to clean your living area out.  When you remove trash and junk, energy can flow freely throughout your home or apartment, and when it moves freely around you the negativity doesn’t stick like glue to your personal energy field.  There really is a good reason to keep the place clutter free (particularly the floor) — your happiness!

What if you have lost someone dear to you and you just don’t think you can go there?  Take the time to ask your Guardian for assistance, and work on what you can.  You don’t have to open old wounds with this program if you don’t want to.  Eventually, you will have to deal, and you know it; but, right now, let’s just concentrate on getting the positive energy flow back on track in the area of the home or apartment that you most frequent.  Okay?

Try one trip through your living area and see how long that takes you.  For now, concentrate on the floor and be diligent in getting rid of the trash. Be sure to take the trash bag OUT of the house or apartment.  Leaving it sit there is like keeping a pet man-eating monster in the corner.

Next, we’re going to throw that sock on the floor and we’re going to bat it around, beginning from the back door of your house or apartment (or back window if you don’t have a back door) and work our way through the rooms to the front door, pushing the sock along with the broom and intoning the chant I gave you.  This is a fun activity for the kids and you can even get the partner involved (hey, who says you can’t play games at fifty?).  When you are finished, throw the old sock away or burn it in an outside bonfire or cauldron.  Finally, walk through the area again carrying that blessed white candle (or your flashlight).  Once more, imagine that your Guardian is walking with you.  Intone this blessing if you like:

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

When you are finished, ask for blessings from Spirit and let the candle burn completely.  If you can’t let the candle burn, clap it out (hands above flame and clap hard –once should do it).  You can use this candle again for any house blessing activity; but, nothing else.

For the Truly Dedicated Challenge Participant:  To make this a more magickal experience, feel free to decorate your broom or add a conjuring bag to the handle that contains selected gems such as rose quarts, amethyst, citrine or a crystal — all great choices for cleansing an area.  Herbs can include basil, sage, rosemary, lemongrass, lemon verbena, lemon balm, or even dried lemon and citrus peel.  Don’t have any of those things?  Slice a fresh lemon and an orange.  Put them on white plate, and place in the central area of the home while you clean.  Both fruits have magickal correspondences for banishing negative energy and enticing financial gain.  To welcome more money into the home, sprinkle fruits with white sugar.  Let set for 24-hours, then place outside, giving them to the spirits of plenty.

Now, wash and vacuum the floor.

Something New!  If you finished yesterday’s challenge you have earned one gold star.  This gold star represents a quality you would like to enhance in yourself, or one you think you are lacking.  Write down what that needed quality is.  For example:  Patience, Discernment, Compassion, etc.  If you finish today’s challenge, you earn another gold star!  This star represents Love.  Tomorrow, I will teach you how to activate those stars you earn!

For Tomorrow:  A small trash bag will do.

I’m reading all your comments and hope to respond to all of them tomorrow.  Tonight, we have our regularly scheduled healing circle — so, if you feeling that magick thrumming — you’ll know why!

Until then… Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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