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Day Seven of the Great Release Challenge!

And we're not even going to look at the other side of the room -- ahem.

Day Seven of the Great Release Program You are Awesome!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission for Today:  Your desk! (even if it is the kitchen counter).  If your paperwork is messy, your brain is messy, your life is messy.  Fear trumps the cards you play every day because you don’t know that the heck is going on in the world of the paper Gods.

You think I jest?


What if you have more than one desk?  Do the primary work and primary home desks first — if you have time, move on to the others.  Do you have to organize that pile of receipts?  Time, for you, on a Tuesday, is at a premium.  Clean the surface of the desk, get rid of trash, outdated fliers, coupons that have expired (although I hear some stores will honor those expired coupons, so double check on that one), then reorganize.  If you have time, sort the receipts, the bills, the letters, etc.  Emails and correspondence are not part of today’s challenge.  That’s for another day.

Tomorrow, on Day Eight (a number of mastery) we are going to do a very short ritual, Braucherei style.  I hope that you will find, as I have, that Braucherei is simple, elegant, and strong down to the bone — a perfect magickal system for the busy, spiritual person.  All you will need is yourself and a candle.  White is fine.  Red is excellent.  Although there is an accompanying formula, you don’t need to use it.  What is vital is that you learn in this program is that you use what you have.  We’ve spent seven days releasing — requiring you to go out and spend money just for a particular working that you think you might need is not cost effective.  Save that space that you’ve just made in your life for something you really want.  Let’s choose more carefully what new stuff to pull into your living area.

This week, at some point, I’ll also talk about those in your environment who have gotten with the program, jumped on board with you, and those who haven’t.  We’ll talk about the possible why-stuff, and how you can work around the problem areas.

One last reminder, Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, the 10th.  You’re probably already feeling the energy glitch.  A retrograde is when a planet turns its energy inward.  The flavor of this inward turn depends upon the planet.  Mercury is all about communication, and three times a year, Mercury takes a self-inspection that lasts about three weeks, and drives the humans on this earth nuts.  People argue (especially when it swings retrograde and again when it swings direct).  Things break (cars, electronics, appliances) and letters, e-mails, and such get lost, misinterpreted — yada.  If you totally understand Mercury retrograde, you are good to go — just ride with it and let the rest of the world wonder what the heck hit them.  Right now, Mercury is in its storm (the gearing down process) so you may have noticed already that things aren’t quite right.

Like this blog entry that’s late this morning because my router went out, or perhaps a misspelling in the article because I’m rushing like mad to get this posted!  If there are any mistakes in here, I’m just going to leave them as an example of what Mercury retrograde is all about.  Mistakes that you previously missed, so now you get to go back and correct them.  Old issues arise for many people that require a completion effort during a Mercury retrograde.  It is the perfect vehicle for our Release Program.  Let’s deal and toss once and for all.

That’s Mercury retrograde.

My Release Diary for Today!  I watched the dried, brown leaves hurl themselves across the street and asked Spirit to clear my mind and bring clarity and joy.  It was a very busy day; but, I feel strong and empowered.  The release program this year is super good for me.  How about you?

In service


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