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Day One of the 2012 Great Release Challenge!!! — Time to Rumble! — 1 December 2012

Removing clutter allows positive energy to flow freely.

Removing clutter allows positive energy to flow freely.

Day One — 2011 Great Release Challenge! Chasing the Clutter Bug by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

Good Morning!  Let’s begin our day with the Braucherei Morning Ritual — a five minute process geared to empower your body, mind, and soul.  I’ve posted the ritual on this blog in the Great Release Challenge category.  You’ll notice one or two little tweaks; but, the ritual is about the same as last year.  I kept it this way for those of you who have done the program before.  With familiarity in a practice comes heightened skill.  If you used the ritual last year, it should out-perform itself this year for you.  If this is your first time, you’ll be amazed at how quickly things start looking up, or better, or calmer…whatever you need…for you!  Follow the Braucherei Morning Ritual with your goal oriented candle (the white tea candle (or whatever color you desire) that I mentioned in the prep article posted earlier this week.  Be sure to take nice, deep breaths when doing any chanting — this helps to ground and center you, and allows your chi to flow in a healthy way.

The Sea of Potential

Did you notice the background change to this blog?  Looks like a sea, doesn’t it?  There’s even a cool fishing hook that moves down the page as you scroll.  I chose this background to highlight a very important aspect of this year’s release program.  You live in a sea of potential.  It flows all around you all the time.  It flows in and through you every moment of every day or night.  This sea of potential is one of the greatest assets you’ve been given to utilize on this plane.  Most people ignore it.  They just wade through it allowing their negative emotions and thoughts to poison the sea around them.  They can’t understand why things are so terrible for themselves or why they feel angry, frustrated, and hateful.  Bluntly, if you shit in this sea, then it is ka-ka that will flow around in and through you all the time.  If you clean up your thoughts and emotions, strive toward peace, tranquility, delight, joy, healing and happiness, then that is exactly what will manifest around you, in you, and through you.

It is a choice.

Your choice.

You choose how you think, what you think, how you express yourself, what you do, how you behave in any given moment, and what you say to yourself and others.  You choose the tone of your voice, whether or not to act negatively or positively in any given situation.  You decide whether to engage or disengage in any activity or function.

You.  Just you.  Nobody else.

Even though we probably already know that the choice is ours, when we’re in the trenches and things are difficult, we often forget.


I have a solution for that.

I started working on a very simple, easy technique this summer and I have reaped enormous success with it ever since.  Give it a try and see what you think.

Sea of Potential Affirmation

Close your eyes and imagine that you are surrounded by a sea of golden light.  Say the following to yourself several times, visualizing your interpretation of this sea.

I know I live in a sea of pure potential. The sea of pure potential flows around me, through me, and in me. I am the sea I am pure potential. I know I can manifest anything I desire.

The visualization and statements work best if you:

a) Truly believe what you are saying, and b) Allow yourself to feel the words

Practice this technique now, giving yourself time to “feel” the words and “see” the golden light all around you.

From this point, you can take the Sea of Potential idea and expand on it.  For example, if you are sick, you might try saying this:

I know I live in a sea of pure potential. The sea of pure potential flows around me, through me, and in me. I am the sea I am pure potential. I know I can manifest anything I desire.

The sea around me is filled with healing energy. I breathe this healing energy in. Healing energy moves through my body in a natural way. I am healed in a safe and natural way.

Repeat:   “The sea around me is filled….” several times.  As you inhale pull the healing energy in, and as you exhale, allow the healing energy to travel to every cell of your body.  Nine times is best, three if you are in a hurry.

You can use this same visualization for other people.  For example, let’s say a dear friend is ill.  Imagine that person is sitting in front of you.  Surround the visualization of that person with gold light.  Repeat the entire Potential Affirmation (“I know I live in the sea of pure potential…) and then say the healing words at least three times, nine is best.  If the person is very ill, do the visualization three times a day.  If it is an emergency — do it until you can’t do it any more.

The Potential Affirmation can also be used in spellwork and general prayer activities.  Just cast your magick circle, call the quarters, invoke Spirit/Deity of your choice, intone your statement of intent, and then use the affirmation to raise power, repeating as often as necessary.  In prayer work, insert the Potential Affirmation before or after you intone your prayer selections, along with any addendums (like the healing example) that fit the intent of your work.

The Potential Affirmation works with any religion or magickal system, making it an ideal daily practice for a variety of situations.

Your Mission Today — The Clutter Bug

For our first task in this year’s program we’re going to chase the clutter bug.  Walk through every room in your house, apartment, trailer, flat (whatever) and pick up any and all clutter — newspapers, magazines, shoes, errant gloves and mittens, run away socks, pet toys, towels, sports equipment, etc.  Consider the old adage:  A place for everything and everything in its place. Our goal is to make a clear pathway through every room in the house.  We want energy, people, and pets to easily maneuver throughout your living space.  Cleaning, vacuuming, washing floors, dusting, etc., is so much easier if you don’t have to plan a strategy of movement around tons of junk.  Today, we move the junk.  If you have already cleared all the clutter in preparation for this program you get TWO gold stars today!  Don’t stop, though.  Read on and complete the rest of today’s challenge.

While you’re at it, keep a notebook handy.  Let’s write down a Wish List of what we might especially want to clean or get rid of this year — particularly those things that have been really bugging you; but, you’ve just been too darned busy, or tired, or stressed, or whatever to take care of it.  Save these ideas for a day when you are feeling super good and want to do more than the challenge listed, or perhaps you’ve already done the challenge for the day and need something else to do.  Pull out your Wish List and tackle one of those ideas!

Or, maybe you’ve already cleaned and straightened; but, you meant to put those shelves up in the bedroom closet; but never got to it.  Perhaps you bought yourself a garden shed in the fall; but, school started, the storm came, your dog got sick and you just never moved anything into it.  I promised my daughter this year that I would finish all my outstanding projects by the end of this year’s challenge.  It doesn’t matter what you want to get done, the idea is that you will do it in the next thirty days as a part of your personal challenge.

If you did the challenge last year, make note of what is all messed up…AGAIN!  Why do you think that is?  What is it about that one place or area that seems to continually draw dirt, grime, and clutter?  Take your time.  Ruminate over it.  Talk to Spirit about it.  Plan on manifesting a solution!  Think of space-saving ways that are unique and creative that show your individuality.  Have you ever moved something repeatedly?  Or, maybe you have to stand up to click the remote for the television because that table is in the way; but, you never bother to move the table…things like that.  Use this thirty days to think of creative ways to make life easier for yourself.  Write those down in your notebook, too.

What if there is too much clutter to get to today?  That’s okay.  Do the best you can today.  Tomorrow is another day.  If you make an effort — then you get a gold star.

Great Release Program Calendar

Last year I provided a calendar for you to mark off your progress.  As you complete each task in the program, give yourself a gold star on that date.  For every seven gold stars you earn, you are encouraged to treat yourself to something special!  Some days, like today, there is a chance to earn double stars.  Today, if you clear out the clutter AND made your wish list, then you get two gold stars.

The calendar can also help you plan appointments that relate to this year’s challenge.  For example, every year we have a Personal Care Day.  You can choose any day you like.  Simply switch the day’s task given to you on the blog with your chosen Personal Care Day.  Do the recommendation on the blog on a different day.  You might want to make an appointment for a haircut, a wellness visit to the doctor, spend an afternoon at the spa, or go shopping at your favorite health food store.  We also have a Vehicle Day — where you clean out the glove compartment, the trunk and the interior of your vehicle.  You might want to schedule a day to have the oil changed, the tires checked, or something else that is vehicle related.  Perhaps you plan to clean your carpets this year and decide to pick a day to rent the cleaner and wish to write that information on your calendar.  How you use your calendar is entirely up to you.

Use this calendar to mark your progress!

Use this calendar to mark your progress!

Today’s Review

1.  Begin with Braucherie Morning Ritual. 2.  Light your goal candle and repeat your goal. 3.  Try the Potential Affirmation 4.  Clear out all the clutter in your living (or office) environment. 5.  Write a Wish List of what you would like to accomplish this year. 6.  Pin up your calendar and give yourself a Gold Star!

For Tomorrow

You will need broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, an old pot and a wooden spoon (or a clean canning jar with lid and an assortment of jingle bells),  holy water and a white candle.

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