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Day Fifteen of the Great Release Challenge!

We're Halfway There! Stay Calm. Hold Firm!

Day 15 of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:

One Junk Drawer anywhere in the house (or office or work environment); however, you must totally empty it.  Items are to be tossed, given away, or moved to an appropriate place OTHER than that drawer.

You see, objects get real comfortable.  Let’s say that you have cleaned out this same junk drawer at least three times this year, including the other two times that you watched Hoarders on television and got so enthused that you went right for that drawer.  Threw out the bits of paper, tossed a thing or two, dusted it out and promptly put everything else back in there.  Mission accomplished.


Look into my eyeball…and tell me you have used that stuff (all of it) other than moving it in the drawer and out of the drawer and back in the drawer in the last six months.

Double dare you.

And you are not allowed to move things from one drawer into a drawer that is within four feet of the first drawer.


Don’t get excited.  There truly is a reason for the empty drawer.

The Braucherei Drawer Spell:

See, told ya.  Make sure the drawer is clean.  Now, you have your choice.  Take an old key that you’ve cleansed and empowered for Good Fortune (which can include success, good health, whatever you need)…  Don’t panic.  If you don’t have a key, find a picture of one.  If you can’t find a picture — draw one.  It is okay that you are not Rembrandt.  Spirit will totally understand.  Write what you desire on a piece of brown paper.  Attach this paper to the key with a red ribbon.  If you don’t have red, use a color that speaks to you, including white.  If you don’t have ribbon, use string.  Be creative.  The mechanics here are more important than the ingredients.

Turn to the East and recite the Braucherei Morning Prayer I taught you (yeah, I know it is not morning, but that’s okay, it will still work).  Then follow with the Lord of the Day Charm.  State specifically what you want.  Blow on the key three times.  Place the key in the drawer.  Shut the drawer with a slam and say:  “It is done.  I know it is done.  So be it.”  Seal the outside of the drawer with an equal-armed cross.  Don’t remove the key until the end of the program.

The person who first tries to mess up the draw is the person in the house with the most negativity.  Or, so it is thought.

What is someone messes up the drawer, and shudder-the-thought — move your key?  Do it again.  This is your message that there is outside interference from someone, something, or some previous set of thoughts you may have had on the issue.  Magick is resilient and so are you. Stay Calm.  Hold firm.  Keep your thoughts good, keep in mind that your wish may have needed an added push, and seal the drawer again.

The clean drawer and the spell are Part I of today’s challenge.

Fifteen days.  Fifteen days we’ve been working at this.  How do you feel?  We blew through the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, danced into territory we normally don’t venture through — things are getting done.  And, yes, I understand that this is your living environment, so of course, that which is done quickly becomes undone.  That’s okay.  We are learning how to deal with that type of change, and harnessing those harmony horses to run as a team.  If you aren’t there, yet.  Be calm.  Hold Firm.  You can do this.

A little bit — each day!

Part Two of Today’s Challenge is a fun one.  Find something in the home that you can turn into a Release Altar.  The function of this object will be the focus of what you want to get rid of.  Here, we are re-using something that we own for an entirely different purpose.  How creative can you get?  Using broken items is okay here, because the things are already disintegrating.  Banishment, breaking energy is what you want.  See?  All things have a use!  That’s why I didn’t have you clean out your jewelry box, drawer, whatever, yet.  You can use some of that stuff on your release altar.  So!  If you want to go nose in there, today is the day to do it!

The purpose of this altar is to place things on it (petitions, candles, whatever) that focus only on what which you wish to remove from your life.  Once your altar is together, cleanse and consecrate it with salt and water.  Ask for blessings of Spirit (whatever you believe in) and state clearly that this is a RELEASE altar.  Once something goes on this altar it is the same thing as opening the door to your house (life) and pitching the problem, issue, feeling, worry, fear, person… OUT.

After the blessing is complete, mix (if you have it) dried lavender, rosemary, and chamomile in a small, clean bowl.  Place this on your release altar.  Write on a piece of paper exactly what you want to let go of.  Any worries, fears, bigger problems, etc.  Bury the paper in the salt herb mixture and recite our Evil Be Gone chant nine times.  Light a white candle and ask for the blessings of Spirit to enter your home and your life, and ask, if you like, for assistance in releasing all that does not serve your higher self/purpose.  Pour the salt and herb mixture into the black envelope along with that paper that lists what you wish to banish.  Seal.  Draw an equal-armed cross over the envelope.  Remove the envelope completely from the home or office environment.  Yes, you can burn the envelope in an outside bonfire if you so desire; or take off your property.  Back at the house or office, fill a glass with spring water.  Hold the spring water in front of your heart chakra.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times until you feel calm and relaxed.  Say to yourself:  “Be calm.  Hold firm.”  Shift your mind INTO Spirit.  Smile.  Blow three times into the water, and say:  “I know all will be well.  So be it.  Peace with the Gods, Peace with Nature, Peace Within.”  Place this glass on the release altar.  This prayer water is your offering to Spirit.

We have one more Braucherei thing to do.  I’ve written about this before; but, we’re going to use it again.  You are going to take off your shirt (yes) and you are going to turn it inside out.  Then, you are going to put it in a dresser drawer that a portion of the shirt will hang out when you close it.  And, without further ado, you are going to SLAM that drawer on the shirt, screaming “Get out!” as you do so.  This Braucherei technique is used to cut all ties from yourself and anyone who is sending negativity toward you.  Works for about 30 days — but, if things are bad, do it every night or once a week until the crisis is over.  Am I recommending you just leave it there?  Hey, what can I tell ya — it works.  Big time.  What if you don’t have a dresser drawer? — be creative — think of something else that can pinch that shirt, like a closet door or even a heavy trunk or suitcase lid.

Concentrate the rest of this day on the joy of living!

Tomorrow, empty the water outside, repeating:  “Peace with the Gods, Peace with Nature, and Peace Within!”

You can follow this practice anytime (or think up new ones) to keep the release part of your activities going and flowing.  Out with the old so that there is plenty of room for that which we truly desire!

What if you can’t get this all done today?  You have to go to a party, or you’re needed elsewhere.  That’s okay.  Flow with it.  Do it tomorrow.  Just don’t put it off too long.  If you do, that means your subconscious is having fun holding onto its security blanket — your pain.  Don’t let that happen!

I’m so proud of all of you!  Your stories are so moving!  Keep them coming!  We’ve got fifteen more days to go — and you are already turning into a most AWESOME new you!

My Release Diary — It is midnight, and the dining room glows warmly with candle light and the energy of friends who have left not long before.  I am relaxed and thankful for the good day.  Today was a super multi-tasking day — things for my father, writing the blog, and getting the house ready for our Writers’ Night Out Annual Yule Party.  While writing, I was dashing about, cleaning the toilet, washing the floor, doing the laundry — just a zippity-do-dah day!  At one point, I threw music on, cranked ‘er up and just flew with the moment.  Tuesday, Lord of the Day, thank you for blessings in every way!  Then it was pop off to the grocery, pick up Dad’s medicine, run an errand for Jamie, and back again to make dinner, clean it up, get a shower (yeah, they seem to be a necessity after you clean), take the dogs out and open the door for the guests (of which my husband had to do because I wasn’t quite ready).

I also invented something new for myself today.  A project altar.  I want to decorate it with Braucherei hex signs; but, for now, it is just a plain wooden bed table that stands about eight inches high that I picked up at the store for a few bucks.  Behind it right now is my big print of Marie Laveau.  I came up with this idea because, as an artist (and a writer) you learn that some concepts take time to gel.  You’ll work on a design (or a book) today, then let it rest perhaps for a day or more — it runs its own track in your mind — ever there — but; you know that the time to finish it has not unfolded.  Energy-wise you don’t want other stuff to intrude (perhaps a different project, or something else altogether) so you’re not sure where to shove it until you can get back to it again.  Yet…you want to look at it even though you are doing other things.  You want to walk by it, stop and contemplate what you’ve done so far and sometimes just stand there and visualize where you’d like it to go next.  And, like I told you, while I work?  I like to talk to Marie.  Let her see what I’m up to.  Right now, I have a healing bear hex sign canvas (like the gargoyle one?) in the works.  Each day I move bits and pieces around on the canvas until it feels right to finish.  Someone will use this piece to focus their healing chants and charms, and make offerings to Spirit.  I want it to flow with the person who eventually receives it.  I don’t have to know who that person will be.  Spirit knows.  I just let the creativity flow.

Our motto today:  Be calm.  Hold firm.  Comes from a World War II slogan compliments of a good friend of mine, Linda Stump.  She runs our Writers Night Out Group and you can find her wonderful writing (as well as that of the other members) on my website.  They have their own WordPress Blogs, too!  Linda’s mother was from across the pond and met her American father during the war.  A true love story, they eventually settled here in the states.  Linda carries her mother’s British accent, is a hard worker, incredibly creative, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  I call her Saint Linda — because she is.  Linda keeps this motto on her cubicle wall at work along with the original picture that came with the slogan.  She’s going to send me a copy so we can all enjoy it, and I truly think that these words of wisdom can work exceedingly well for all of us this holiday season.

Be calm.  Hold firm.

You can do it!


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