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Day 77 - House Whispers

Yep.  Day 77!   June 2nd!  Those of us in big cities are still quarantined and the rest of the country has a patchwork of confusing rules that we are all trying to live by.  Lots of folks continue working from home.  Unemployment squats like a turd on the doorstep of many.  Those who never got a break feel like they are carrying triple the responsibility load. 

And so, after a respite of make-busy here at the RavenWolf hearthstone -our Quarantine Magick continues and you don't want to miss today's installment!

Here at RavenWolf Central the garden is finally in, most of the flowers are planted, the ritual circle is cleaned up, my Cow/Crow quilt is coming along nicely, and my toilet paper order arrived -- something wonderful does run the universe!  I built a trellis, dug the beds, washed the windows, pulled weeds, cleared an area for additional container gardening, set off fireworks for a family member's birthday, washed the bird feeders, filled several shoppe orders for candles and herbs, and laid down mulch.  I just need garden stakes, a kid-sized lawn chair, and an umbrella for my Butzfrau, and I'm good to go!

Oh!  And my peas are soon ready to harvest.

I continue to host internet platform meetings 3 days a week to stay in touch with magickal brothers and sisters.  We've had guest speakers, healing circles, meditations, and discussions.  In fact, we've been more in touch now than before the pandemic!

Wait.  I also made this year's Rose Liquid Fluid Condenser, gathering the roses for 3 days while the morning dew still laced the petals. Rose Liquid Fluid Condenser adds more power to spells concerning attraction, love, beauty, compassion. heart healing, music, and art. The first comfrey harvest is this Friday right before the lunar/eclipse full moon when the fluids are highest.

House Whispers

Just about every article you read on how to perform a house blessing gives you a list of supplies and prescribed movements to make.  For example, salt, white candles, smoldering herbs, a bell, and blessed water are the norm.  Maybe a rattle.  Sometimes a drum.  Beginning in the center of the house and working in a spiral outward, or stationing yourself at the front door and moving to the back (or vice versa), using clove oil to ward the windowsills and a mixture of salt, vinegar, and oranges to wash down the porch and the front door...lots of ways to complete the task and a myriad of techniques from which to choose.  

But, what if you did it a little differently this time?  

What if you whispered to the house/apartment...and let it whisper back?

What if you let your living space choose what it needs?

I know you've done so much work to bring yourself into balance -- rattle baths, rituals, meditations, spiritual readings, nature walks...and you've been clearing your living area, removing clutter, finding better storage ideas, choosing new decorative themes...but...what about the heartbeat of where you live?  Is it strong?  What does your living area need to vibrate in harmony?

Your Challenge Today:  Take a deep breath and draw or outline in words on a piece of paper what the "soul" of your living area looks like.  Close your eyes.  Open your mind.  What is the "personality" of your living area?  Once you have this established, close your eyes again and ask this personality what it needs to be in harmony.  A spell?  A ritual?  An object?  Then ask what type of materials it feels it most needs in a cleansing technique that you are planning to use for its well-being.  Gather these items.  Move around the living space using your intuition.

Feel free to post what you have been doing this past week and how today's challenge works for you.

Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!

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