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Day 66 - Gifts of Spirit Meditation

Did you know that every flower has its own song?

Day 66 and counting!  So…today we went “yellow”, and someone said, “What does that mean?”  My reply was, “Heck if I know.  I’m still out here in the woods, planting flowers, digging in the garden, and filling the bird feeders.”

Today’s Challenge is a meditation designed to enhance that marvelous person we call “you!”.  Write down seven qualities that you would like to enhance within yourself, or qualities that you would like to handle better when you have the opportunity.  In this meditation the word is associated with the “feeling” you receive when you think of the word.  Take your time thinking and “feeling”.  What does the word mean to you?  How does it make you feel?

Here is my list:

Patience (tough one for me) Compassion Grace Wisdom Clarity

Once you have your list and have pinpointed associated positive feelings, take three deep, even breaths to settle the mind and calm the aura.  Next, as you breathe in say the quality you wish to instill in yourself in your mind (as if you were actually breathing in the energy) — or, if you are alone, you can say it aloud.  When you exhale, release any random thoughts.  Do each quality three times, then take another deep, even breath. count from one to five, and open your eyes.

If you work on this particular meditation every day for ten days, you should see wonderful improvement.  If you work on the meditation for thirty days you may be shocked at the marvelous, new you!

I like to do this meditation twice a day — once as soon as I wake up to start my day in a positive mindset; and, once right before I retire for the evening.

Now, you may be saying — a meditation is not magickal.  I beg to differ!  Meditation brings balance.  Balance brings mental prowess.  Mental prowess aids the magick.  Go for it!

This meditation is good for: Enhancing current strong points in your personality. Developing new, powerful character traits. Finding solutions to current problems in a creative way. Relieving stress by concentrating on positive qualities.

Big hugs! Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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