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Day 60! Messages from our Spirit Animal Guides

With the humans ducking for cover, the animals have come out in force.  From sheep overtaking a bus station in Europe, "peacocks stroll the streets of Ronda, Spain; a gang of goats wander around a seaside town in north Wales; a puma climbs down from the Andes Mountains into Santiago, Chile; and coyotes trot around San Francisco" (read more from CNBC article) -- the animals are taking back their planet!

On Day 60 (whoa!!) we celebrate the Shaman Within and our ability to communicate with our spiritual animal guides.  Today's challenge is super simple; but, incredibly meaningful!

In the last seven days -- list all the animals you've seen (outside of your pets).  If you have observed any really unusual sightings over the last two months -- write that down, too. 

Close your eyes and relax.  Contemplate each animal and their meaning to you.  If you have no clue of the symbolism, do a bit of an internet search to see if anything you read resonates.  

For example -- Today I saw 7 hawks.  The hawk urges you to use your intuition and inner vision.  They can be messengers from the spirits (which fits the work I'm going right now).  They urge you to expand your horizons.  The number 7 is a strong connection to the universe, and lucky in and of itself as it stands for prosperity, inner wisdom, intuition, and inward "knowing".  I also had a bat sitting on my front door screen.  The bat speaks of transformation, good fortune, and major change.  Then, there was the raccoon at my squirrel lunch box feeder -- intelligence and adaptability. 

And then!!!!! (Andthenandthenandthenandthen)There was a Magpie!  For real!  (We don't see them here, usually.)  My husband said, "That bird looks like a mini penguin!"  We were sitting on the front porch enjoying our after-dinner coffee, chatting, and gazing at the wish tree.  "That's a magpie!" I whispered.

"I don't think I've ever seen one," my husband whispered back.  "He is pretty!"

The magpie brings luck, joy, and lasting fortune.  He particularly urges creative expression as well as careful, active listening.

Have fun with today's challenge!  Day 60 marks two full months of our magick together!  Whoot!  Post your experiences if you like.

Big hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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