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Day 6 of the Mini Great Release Program by Silver RavenWolf

Dawn outside in Ritual Circle - Louisa Lolly poses for today's publicity pic!  A chicken's gotta do what a chicken's gotta do!

And a happy, magickal day to you!  Every night at 8:00 PM EDT my friends and I work candle magick to heal the sick, lessen the fear, and help others worldwide.  Requests for assistance are posted on one of my Whisper Magick FB pages.  Here's a pic of last night's candle magick.

The crystal came from a coven sister living in Colorado years ago.  The candles I am using were a handcrafted gift from a coven sister in Texas.  I think utilizing their gifts for such a good cause makes each item extra special!  My candle mat is one I stitched by hand, using colorful layers of felt on a black base.  So easy to do and so contemplative.  You can pack lots of magick into those stitches!  The bells in the background were a flea market find -- a lucky purchase for a couple of bucks.

That's what I have always loved about Braucherei, Spiritism, and Granny Magick -- you use what you have, what you can find outdoors, or what has been given to you-- and if you work with something gifted -- it carries double power.  Whether or not that is true, it certainly makes you feel good when you apply the item to your enchantment!

Today's Challenge -- Is super, super easy.  Today is all about the 3-minute dash!  I developed this fun activity years ago for the Great Release Program.  All you do is set your timer for 3 minutes and run around the house completing as many tasks as possible in that 3 minute time.  You can use your watch, a stop-watch, or like me -- an egg timer (no kidding).  You can just run around willy-nilly and do what you can in those 180 seconds (which is fun) or you can target the dash:  How many towels can I fold in 3 minutes?  How many dishes can I wash in 3 minutes?  How many liquid bubbles can I blow in 3 minutes?  How, you get the picture.  So today's challenge is this:

How Many Three Minute Challenges Can You Complete?

Families love this activity because you can have a race, a winner, and a reward!  Multiple times!

Be sure to post what you have accomplished and any additional ideas you might have for folks to enjoy.  Yesterday I cleaned out the refrigerator using an old tea-towel with hot water and soap instead of the usual wad of paper towels.  I sprayed the refrigerator down with disinfectant after everything was dry.   Worked just fine.  What not share a new or different way of doing a cleaning task with us?

Today, I will be helping my son paint his apartment.  They have not stopped us from driving or getting gas, and since we won't be interacting with anyone we are good to go -- he already had the paint so this will be a good way to fill the day.  I will be sure to take pictures of Louisa Lolly helping!  She has her own travel basket and set of paintbrushes and is currently clucking that she is ready to go!

Summary -- Number of Stars is Open

Throw or Give One Disinfected Thing Away -- 1 Star Work magick with stuff you already have -- 10 Stars Do As Many 3-Minute Dashes as You Can -- 10 Stars for each Dash! Post a new or different way to clean or organize your space -- 25 Stars

Until tomorrow!  Big Hugs -- Stay Save and Give Love Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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