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Day 58 -- Add the Magick of Humor!

Taco Cat begged and pleaded, and so I gave in.  I designed him his own Covid-Carry Basket, complete with sanitized gloves, a shark face mask, sanitizing wipes, and, naturally, Florida Water -- something no self-respecting magickal cat wouldn't be without.

You know, it has always been bad enough when leaving the house that I have to remember my keys, my phone, my purse, my driving glasses, my wallet, and whatever else.  Did I unplug the hairdryer?  Did I remember to turn off the sewing iron?  What about the oven?  Is that off?  NOW, I have to remember (on top of all that) a face mask, gloves, and some sort of hand sanitizer.  So, I created a car basket, and I have a routine complete with which hand opens the car door after I've been in public.  Because it is stupid to wear gloves, and then touch all over the inside of your car with the gloves still on.  So...I had to have a waste bag, too, and spray, and...


To make it a bit more fun, I threw Taco Cat in the basket, too!  I also made up a list of things you can do in public because you are wearing a face mask...

Stick out your tongue at the jerk who grabbed the last toilet paper roll.

Mutter discreetly Doreen Valiente's Witches Rune at the lady taking up THE WHOLE AISLE with her cart.  She'll think you are just chewing gum. Sneeze without putting your face in your elbow.  Delightfully, the snot won't get on your glasses.

Your Challenge Today:  No matter what happens -- make it funny (within reason, of course).  Humor is a magnificent tonic!  Use it!  

Big hugs! Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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