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Day 51 - Full Moon Meditation

Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon Meditation – The Key of Mystery by Silver RavenWolf

This combination occurs when the moon is in fixed, intense, powerful Scorpio and the sun is in stable, plotting, dug-in Taurus. With this placement, we are working with the elements of water and earth. Scorpio is the energy of mystery, of the occult, investigation, using other people’s money or gaining from other people’s money, and rituals for the dead called crossing rituals.  Scorpio moon favors honoring your ancestors.  Workings done at this time will be long-lasting (both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs), so be careful what you work for. If you’re having trouble visualizing this combined energy, think of Sherlock Holmes as the Scorpio Moon and Dr. Watson as the Taurus Sun. A Scorpio full moon is the perfect time for police officers and others who find themselves in sleuthing mode to really put their nose to the investigative wheel – Taurus fruits will be very satisfactory.

For this spell/meditation, you will need an old key.  Best if it isn’t used anymore.  Boil the key in saltwater.  Wipe dry.  Dot a bit of honey, or magickal oil blends associated with the signs of Scorpio and Taurus on the key as this is the full moon energy we are working with today.  You can also roll the key in a mix of honey and brown sugar, in lieu of a specific oil – and if you want your ancestors to help you, toss in a bit of grave dirt that you have previously collected from their resting place into the blend.

When you’re ready to do the meditation, sit quietly in a comfortable place with the key in your hand.  You can play soft music if you like.  Light a candle.  Use incense.  Entirely up to you.  Take three deep, even breaths or more until you are relaxed and at ease. Remember to stay in the moment with your visualizations – don’t let your mind wander. Pull your mind gently back to the meditation whenever is necessary by focusing on the air movement in and out of your nose – this tends to reign in the galloping brain, then continue with your visualization.  Don’t get angry or upset.  Just relax and breathe.  Give yourself time to enjoy the mental movie.

Imagine now that you are in an ornate hall with many softly gleaming doors. Doors as far as the eye can see. This is a sweet place and you are excited!  The answer you need is at hand and you are very eager!  The door you want, however – the one that holds the hidden information or secret that you need to unveil– is at the end of the hall. All the way down there in front of you!  There are numbers on all the doors.  The one at the end of the hall says “Zero”.  Make the zero glow, like a shimmering, glittering lamp.

Begin walking down the hall counting the numbers on the doors from twenty-five down to one.  Remember, the door you want is numbered zero, and it is there at the end of the hallway – glowing. As you near the door, do not be surprised if the key in your hand begins to feel warm.

When you reach the zero door, take a deep breath and say to yourself: “I agree that I will find the answer, and as I open the door, I open the correct pathway to bring me this information without harm to myself or my loved ones. I agree and it shall be so!”

Put the key in the lock and open the door.  In the center of the room is a chest.  Is it ornate?  Plain?  Describe the chest to yourself.  Is there an insignia?  What is unique about it?  How large is the chest?

The key in your hand may feel very warm.  Imagine you are unlocking the chest with the key.  Open the chest slowly.  A beautiful golden, glittering orb arises from the chest, spinning and shining brightly!  This light will open the way to help you discover what you need.  Thank the light and watch it slide around the room and then up and out through the ceiling.  Leave a mental gift – such as a flower, or jewel on the table by the chest.  You can even leave feelings of love, compassion, or thankfulness -- they are wonderful gifts!  Turn, leave the room.  Lock the door.  Pocket the key.  Smile, knowing that what you need will come to you quickly.  Count from 3 to 1 and open your eyes, taking a nice deep breath as you do so.

Very shortly, the answer you seek will come to you.  Carry the key with you if you like until what you need has manifested.

You can use your key as often as you desire as many times as you feel necessary. Rinse and bless the key after each use, and wrap it in a white or black cloth as your inner self dictates.

Once you have repeated this meditation several times, you may discover that you no longer need the full meditation to activate the key.  You will be able to focus on your intent, and then place the key by your front door without a lot of time spent on ritual or mediation.

May your Full Super Moon (7 May 2020) be filled with love, compassion, and super success!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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