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Day 47 - Set Your Hand To It!

Updated: May 4, 2020

With the pandemic, we've all been very focused on what we touch, particularly if we must venture out in public.  Even when the "quarantine" is over -- many of us will be continually mindful of where our hands wander.  In folk magick, handing spell material and ritual work is sometimes called "setting your hands".  When you set your hand on anything it becomes empowered.   Your skin cells actually penetrate the first energy layer of any object or person.  "What" the object or person becomes empowered with revolves around your emotions, the thoughts in your mind, and your abilities. When you realize just how energetically powerful your hands are in combination with your thoughts and feelings, a whole new world of magic will open up for you.

Anytime you work with your hands, you want to "set your hands" on the spell vehicle with an extremely clear intent that is not clouded by any other thoughts or muddled emotions.  This can be accomplished by grounding and centering, meditation, deep breathing, or all of the aforementioned techniques.

Once you have reached that still moment (that sweet spot of peaceful anticipation, an openness, a moment of pure potential -- truly there are so many ways to describe it), breathe in energy from the heavens and the earth simultaneously, let it revolve around your heart chakra, picture your intent, then push that energy out with your hands.  Some folks like to imagine a ball of energy pulsing between their hands before they push the vibration into the object.  Others like to use a dominant hand, particularly if the healing is long-distance rather than hands-on.

Eventually, you'll be able to set the field (SEA OF POTENTIAL) activate it, and reap great success by simply laying your hand(s) upon something.  The more you practice the better you will become.  This begins with what you say to yourself. For example let's say you set the field, activated it, and then said to yourself, "No matter what I lay my hand upon, it will be so."  And if you believe it, so it will be.  The energy will naturally run from the field into you and out into the universe because you turned it on with your confidence and repetitive training.

Practice as much as possible. The more you do this the better you will become.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within

Big Hugs!


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