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Day 44 -- Egg Money Spell and the Witness Stick

Belief Analogy is using a statement aloud that you believe to be true as a way to solidify the outcome of a working.  The early Greeks (Magika Hiera Ancient Greek Magic and Religion by Christopher A. Faraone and Dirk Obbink) used this pattern as a way to ensure magickal success, sometimes using deity and other instances basing the charm on experience.  For example, you might say:  "As surely as the rain cometh, the sun shall shine, and the moon wax and wane good fortune comes to me".  This charm uses your past encounters with the world as the platform, rather than the belief in a specific deity.  One Pow-Wow charm declares:  "As surely as the Mother of Christ shall not bear another son."  No, she surely won't.

In this spell, we flow back before any specific religious indications and choose an analogy that is scientific and proven.  Our statement is:  "Just as a chicken laid this egg -- so shall money and good fortune be laid in my hands for me to use as I desire."  Now, if you don't like the wording, it is okay to change it -- just be sure it reflects what you want.  In fact, if you come up with a better statement, feel free to share.  The water represents the flow of money toward you.  The egg represents the birth of your desire -- the potential of all you can attain.

Over the last few weeks you have been practicing a great deal with the field around you, your own words, and your own thoughts.  The pandemic has awakened the power within us, the knowledge that we can use what we have and still be successful.  Many of you are seeing startling changes within yourselves -- this is a good thing.  We're going to take all that work from the previous weeks, and incorporate your hard-earned efforts in this very simple spell -- the Egg Money Spell.  If you don't want to do the spell for yourself, you are certainly welcome to do it for someone else, just write their name on a piece of paper and place it under the glass.

You will need:

1 glass or jar 1 egg -- raw in the shell clear water one small stick -- this is called the Witness Stick, and is a stick you have collected from the wild -- something found -- it "witnesses" your spell, takes the energy into it, and then you carry the stick with you until you receive what you asked for.  A Witness Stick for attraction can be kept.  A Witness Stick for banishment should be burned or buried off your property.

The Witness Stick REMEMBERS your words, feelings, and the energy you raised.

You can add sugar, cinnamon, sassafras, mint, or anything else to the water before you empower the working -- the choice is yours.  You can place the glass in a magick circle, on an altar cloth, or take it outside.  In the picture above, I surrounded the glass of water with peonies.

Place your witness stick by the glass of water.  Be sure to cup it in your hands, and whisper to it -- telling it to "witness" this spell, and ask for its aid in the completion of the spell.

Instructions:  Set your field, remember your breathing, remember to run the energy.  When you are ready, bless the water with "only the good remains" by blowing the words into the water.

Bless the egg in the same way.

Bless the Witness Stick.

Place the egg in the water.

Bless any herbs or other objects (resins, petals, etc.) you might wish to add, and then put them in the water.  

Begin lightly circling your fingers around the rim of the glass while you run energy up from your feet to the top of your head, and then push that energy through your hand and into the glass of water.  When you feel you have a good rhythm going, whisper softly into the water.  If the water isn't too high, you can make small circular motions with the glass, getting the water itself to move (like in the old movies with the brandy snifters).  I often do this with the hot wax that I pour for candles.  It really seems to add an extra boost.  You can use any chant you like (you may have a favorite ) or simply say:  "Money, money come to me, as I will so mote it be."  Just be sure you finish your working with our statement "Just as a chicken laid this egg -- so shall money and good fortune be laid in my hands for me to use as I desire." -- repeating this nine times.

Tap the glass three times with the Witness Stick, then seal the working by drawing an equal-armed cross over the water three times.  "This working is sealed and witnessed.  Only the good remains." Place the Witness Stick in your pocket and keep it with you, until the working is completed.  When you are finished, thank the stick and either keep it or dispose of it as indicated above.

Let the egg stand in the water for 24 hours.  Then, take both outside and give them to the earth.  Break the egg first, saying:  "I give thee back to the earth from whence thee came -- only the good remains."  Seal the offering with three equal-armed crosses drawn in the air over the broken egg.

Remember -- What we put in our field, stays in our field until we remove it.  It doesn't dissipate.  It buries itself (like worms) -- for good or ill.  Let me know if you liked this working and if the performance brings what you desire.

Cast this spell?  Earn 100 Stars!

Throw or give one thing away.  Move an object in its place -- empty spaces can cause trouble for your wallet, lol (because you want to go buy something to fill it!).

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


Remember this:  When you whisper over anything -- it becomes attuned to your emotions, energy and words.  Whisper wisely.

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