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Day 40 -- Rise Above It Spell - You Can Do This

Today's challenge is a very simple exercise that you might try fitting into your schedule at least once a week. 

Rise Above by Silver RavenWolf

For the original spell casting you will need:

One to four candles -- any size, any color, any aroma One Central Symbol (you choose) One Glass of Blessed Water Quiet Time

During this pandemic you may have been haunted by old issues that you need to lay to rest.  Or, you might be dealing with something that has been an ongoing struggle and you are so tired of fighting it, and now that this stupid disease is running everyone amuck -- geeze, Louise!  Mass craziness with the world is NOT helping.  Rather than banishing those issues that seem to have been impervious to that type of magick, we are going to try something a bit different -- we are going to RISE ABOVE -- and in doing that, the problem loses power and begins to disintegrate.  For some, the difficulty will finally be banished!  For others, you'll need to add an extra kick to get the problem totally out the door; but, hey, who can't throw a little vinegar, right?  It all depends on what type of love affair (I kid you not) you are having with your pain.

On a piece of paper, write:  "I rise above..." and state the issue.  Place this paper under the symbol you have chosen for the center of your working space.  Arrange your candles around the symbol.  Place the glass of water to the right.

Breathe deeply several times and sit or stand quietly in front of the candles.  Set your field to "Potential", knowing that all you need is in that field and you simply have to acknowledge and accept it.  When you feel calm and reassured, light the candles.  Place your hands on either side of the setup (like the above photo).  Think of the problem or issue, and then begin chanting:  "I rise above"  Feel your whole being rising above the problem or issue as you chant.  Mentally and emotionally "let go", letting yourself float above the problem.  The energy will be running through your hands and you will feel a pushing sensation from your palms as this energy naturally pushes out and away from the setup.  The problem is now is below you.  It is beneath you.  It is no longer of importance.  The energy pushing in your hands helps your mind to rise.  When you can visualize yourself filled with light and "feel" light.  Let go! Allow the release to happen!

And then you will probably smile.  Set the water from the right, to the left side of your setup.

You're done.  Walk away from the set-up, let the candles burn (safely and monitored) until they are finished.  When you return, if the water in the glass has bubbles in it?  The spirits approve of your working and this is a sure sign that relief is at hand.  But, don't worry if you don't have bubbles --the spell will still work!

If, the following day you feel relieved on this issue and no longer have the negative feelings, if you "feel" it is done and over?  Then work on another problem for that day's activities.  If you still feel attached to the problem, do the exercise again.  Every day monitor how you feel.  Keep at the old problem until you experience emotional "release".  You may have to compartmentalize -- working on one facet of the issue at a time.  That's okay.  You've got this!

Your Challenge Today:  Rise Above One Problem or Issue using this technique.  Earn 100 Stars.

Throw or give one thing away.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!

Big Hugs


(And yes, I'm super fine, just crazy busy!  Which is good.)

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