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Day 31 Of The Great Release Challenge — Happy New Year!

Congratulations! You Are a Winner! Happy New Year!

Day 31 — 2011 Release Program  — You’re The Winner! Saturday, 31 December

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2011

Ring the bell!

Congratulations!  If you completed yesterday’s challenge you made it through the program!  I’m so proud of you!  It has truly been a marvelous joy working with you this year and I have treasured our time together.  We’ve all had our ups and downs these past thirty days. As a team we made it through, supporting each other, doing magick together, and sharing our experiences.  The group mind is a marvelous thing!

Hettie’s Tip for Today:  Hettie has a few coupon ideas for 2012:

1.  Use plastic sleeve baseball card holders in a notebook.  For larger coupons, use plastic photo sleeves.  Both will fit in a ring binder.  Decorate the ring binder with magickal sigils to promote positive abundance and good fortune.

2.  Organize your binder by expiration date followed by product type.  This way you won’t miss out using a coupon because its expired, and expired coupons you didn’t use can be easily and quickly thrown away.

3.  Keep some coupons with the product currently in use.  For example, I have a large clear glass jar for dog bones.  And, of course, we always run out of dog bones right before, or right after I’ve gone shopping.  Last year, I started putting the coupons for the dog bones right in the glass jar with the dog bones.  That way, when I see we’re running low on the treats, I just pull out a coupon and put it in my wallet or attach it to my weekly grocery list, depending on when I plan to go to the store next.

4  Keep the unusual, specialty coupons or gift certificates in your wallet, particularly those from specialty stores.  For example, let’s say you get a rewards coupon from your favorite craft store.  Yet, every time you’re out doing errands, you forget to use the coupon because you neatly filed it away…somewhere.  Tuck this kind of coupon in a back pocket of your wallet or purse so that you have it with you the next time you visit that store.

Today’s Challenge:  Ritually welcome in the New Year by building a sacred spot in your home that reflects your wishes and desires for  the coming year.  Light one white candle at the stroke of midnight, and every night thereafter for seven days.  Intone our daily prayers and our manifestation conjuration as your ritual; or, write something special that reflects your personal desires and choice of deity energy.  End your ritual by using our Gold Star Meditation.  You can simply become one, super nova glowing star, or take the time to make them all shine!  At the end of your ritual, be sure to make a declaration of conclusion (So Mote It Be, So Be It, etc.) and remember to seal the working.

The New Year holiday is one of my favorite  because the energy created by human celebration as it thunders and rolls across the globe offers you a tremendous boost only attainable once a year.  This year the First Quarter Moon is in Aries — an aggressive, starting energy that will last only for a short time — specifically until Monday, when at 5:16 PM (2:16 PM PST) when the Moon enters Taurus.  Aries is best known for its burst of energy.  A great starter; but, not a long term finisher.  An Aries Moon is great for things you want to start and finish quickly — small goals that you believe are easily attained by your own hard work or forward momentum.  A great energy time for recharging your personal power batteries, so that you can roll positively through the next few weeks.  Larger goals begun under an Aries Moon should have a back-up plan that includes Taurus (the next sign) energy, as Taurus is often considered the most stable sign of the zodiac and can help solidify those long-term plans.

Aries is considered a “Hot” sign, due to its Mars rulership, cardinal position (beginnings), and fire element correspondence.  Hot colors and hot herbs often fall under the auspices of Aries.  Since we just went through our kitchen cabinets, we know whether we have any of the following that could be used in our New Year’s Ritual:

Allspice Barbecue sauce (no kidding) Carrots Cayenne Pepper Chili Chives Cinnamon Cloves Fennel Garlic Ginger Gingerbread Cookies Horseradish or Hot Sauces Mustard Onions Peppers (Hot or Red) Salsa Shallots Tea Wine

These items can be employed in the spellcasting process, or given as gifts to Deity, the beloved dead (if they liked the items), or Good Spirits.

If you complete today’s challenge of a New Year’s Ritual and creating a sacred spot that will reflect your wishes and desires for 2012 –you earn the last gold star of the program — Congratulations!

Ring the Bell!

For Tomorrow:  My most sincerest blessings to you tomorrow, and every day thereafter.  Merry Part until we Merry Meet Again.  Hettie and I will miss you.


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