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Day 28 of the Great Release Program!

Braucherei -- There's Magick Everywhere! Even in that chair.

Day 28 of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an AWESOME New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Is a Secret.

Once upon a time, down West Virginia way, there was a woman with a darned big family.  Lots of kids.  And a Civil War Veteran who lost his leg for a husband.  Seven dollars a month — that’s all the pension they were allowed.  Yet, each month she spent at least forty-eight dollars at the general store.

Come to find out — she had a secret.  Of German extraction, she owned a very special stone.  From the Motherland.  Yes, indeed!

Dug out of the riverbed.

From the Old Country.

When she really needed food or money for all those children, she would take that special stone she kept hidden in the hearth, and place it atop the mantle.  It was never too long until what she needed came to be — one way or another.  When she got what she wanted, she secreted the stone back into the hearth…to keep it warming until the next time.

Just like her grandmother taught her.

Months went by and neighbors as well as estranged family members noticed that even though her husband’s pension was only seven dollars a month,  her family always had enough.

Enough food.

Enough money.

Which set the neighbors to talking.

They did…


A lot.

All the gossip, however, did not reveal the secret, and when they asked her how she did it — she’d just shrug.

That yuletide a distant cousin stayed over for the holidays.  There were no extra bedrooms, so he camped in front of the hearth.  He’d heard tell of the stories of his cousin’s ability to make ends more than meet; but, hadn’t seen any evidence of anything out of the ordinary.  On the eve of his departure he stayed up rather late, irritated that sleep wouldn’t come.  He wished he was home already in his own bed, and it didn’t help that he was hungry.  He knew the kitchen was empty, because he’d taken a peek in there looking for a snack.


Resigned to a growling stomach, he rolled up in his blanket and tried to drift off to sleep.  Around about midnight, his cousin crept from her bedroom, grabbed the secret stone, and placed it atop the mantle.  He heard her, but didn’t move.  Instead, he opened his eyes just a sliver to see what she was up to.  As she placed the stone on top of the mantle, she whispered, “Eggs, coffee, bacon,  make ’em, make ’em, make ’em … come morning,” several times.  Then, as quietly as she entered the room, she retreated.

Eventually, he drifted off to sleep, still contemplating the strangeness of her behavior.  The next morning he woke to the sharp sounds of sizzling bacon and the pungent aroma of strong coffee.

“Where’d you get the food?” he asked as she served up a huge platter of eggs and bacon.  “There wasn’t any in the kitchen, and I know the smokehouse is empty.  We ate the last chicken for Christmas, so there can’t be any fresh eggs.”

She just shrugged and started to walk away.

He cocked his head, and glared at her back.  “Its that there magick stone you got.”

She stopped, but did not turn.  “What magick stone?”

“The one you took from the hearth last night.  I saw you.”

She continued to walk toward the kitchen.  “You must be mistaken.”

The cousin left that morning, went into town, and told all the neighbors and family members about the magick stone.  By nightfall the entire town knew about that enchanted little rock and how the family always had just what they needed because of it, even though their pension was only seven dollars a month.  By Sunday next, everyone in the county buzzed about it, and the minister from his pulpit preached against it, staring straight at the woman the entire time.  She left the church angry, humiliated, and embarrassed because some said it was just a scam, she was probably thieving the whole time.

Come Monday morning, she needed milk for the little ones.  She looked at the stone, yet did not touch it.  Tuesday morning, the need for milk was greater.  Still, she did not touch the stone.  Memories of her humiliation burned in her soul.  Wednesday, however, the children could go no longer on the scraps of bread and bit of butter, let alone her invalid husband.

And, there was no milk.

She grabbed the stone, said the words, and placed it on the mantle piece.

Thursday morning…there was no food.  No butter.  No bread.  No milk.

Angry.  Desperate.  She tried again.

Friday came and went.

And now there was nothing.

The stone no longer worked.

The magick spoiled.  At least that’s what the neighbors said.

This story is my version of a tale told by one woman on the DVD entitled Signs, Cures & Witchery — German Appalachian Folklore presented by the Augusta Heritage Center of Davis & Elkins College.  To the average individual — it is a story about a magick stone.  Except, we know, it wasn’t the stone at all, was it?

Signs, Cures and Witchery DVD

Your Mission Today:  I’d like you to re-read the story from a quantum physics point of view, and then relate this story to your own life, especially if you’ve been dealing with negative circumstances.  Please post your thoughts — I would so love to hear them!

Oh.  Your Mission Today?  Release your disbelief.

My Release Diary:  Did you notice Day 27?  The oven?  That was my husband in the pic.  We cleaned the oven as a team.  I took the first swipe.  He took the next two, and then I finished off with the fourth and final round of cleaning.  Sometimes, it helps to break up a big task with someone else.  Its even better when they offer! (Yes, he did.)  I finished the release part of the day with mopping the floor and once again cleaning that ever-present-remodeling-dust.

Oh!  Today, it was so windy?  The spouting ripped off the house.  Yep.  But, you know?  I wasn’t panicked.  Well, okay, so I started to panic when it was just hanging there, whipping around, because I thought — Oh, Stars!  What if it tears off and kills someone?  My husband was at work, so there went that idea.  I thought — What the hell can I, a 54-year-old woman in the middle of a horrendous wind storm, do?

I used Braucherei, that’s what I did, and I finished with:  “I know the spouting will come down safely.  I know everything is going to be okay.”

And the spouting stopped being a windmill, slipped off the last bolt, and floated down to street level.

Yep.  Good day.  Monday, Lord of the Day, thank you for helping in every way!

Tomorrow we’re going to run through all the things we have accomplished, and I’ll talk about the New Year planetary energies a bit.

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