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Day 27 - Great Release Program

Day 27 - Great Release Program by Silver RavenWolf

1st Qtr Moon in Pisces A Lucky Day!  Pisces brings creativity while Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune ups the good fortune and spiritual vibration!  A day for artistic pursuits, daydreaming, vision questing, and meditation.

Today's Challenge:  Counting today, we have only four days to go!  Whoot!  Today is your second "Bitty" Day -- a day to do the small things, the tasks that fall between the cracks in life, those itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny irritating (maybe) things that you just haven't gotten around to.  Whether its fixing or trashing, moving or arranging -- this is the day!  Earn 10 stars for every small thing you do!

Countdown Challenge - Day 5 -- Do Today's charm recitation and throw or give away five items.

This night - day 5 which will be Sunday - repeat your name three times, follow the Silver Protocol and intone the charm (Nine Weeping Sisters) beginning at the "five weeping sisters" line nine times.  The last time you repeat the charm do as before, add your positive tail-ender and remove the fifth stone, throwing it away, off your property, in running water or as otherwise discussed.  Earn 25 stars.

...Five weeping sisters left through the door One was removed, and then there were four. Four weeping sisters put out to sea One was removed, and then there were three. Three weeping sisters left as the crew One was removed, and then there were two. Two weeping sisters shied from the sun One was removed, and then there was one. One weeping sister, left all alone Jumped from the ship and sank like a stone. No weeping sisters stand by the lake. The evil is gone!  Peace in its place!

How are you feeling as you work through this charm?  As the days progress, is there an air of lightness filling your space and your life?  

Silver's Progress -- I cleared out an entire cupboard, splitting the contents between charity and trash.  Went through all my purses and unloaded half of them.  I gathered documents for a sacred bonfire where I released the emotions gathered there, adding dried basil and lemon verbena herbs.  I also looked into several topics so that I could move forward in my business, gathering information in prep for future projects.  Here, I was banishing my fear and procrastination.  Whoot! 

Summary — Possible Stars Today:  Depends on How Many Small Tasks You Do!  

Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

Practice the Rattle Bath – earn one gold star.

Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar.

Do one thing toward this week’s goal — small steps are just fine.  This is Day 6 of your 4th goal.

Give or Throw five things away. — earn 5 gold stars.

Today’ Challenge — Bitty Day!  Do a number of small release projects -- earn 10 stars for every accomplishment!

Today's Count-Down -  Day Five of the Nine Sisters Working -- earn 25 stars.

Practice the Silver Protocol.  How is this working for you?  Earn one star.

Do five Three-Minute Dashes — earn 5 gold stars.

Practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review

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Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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