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Day 23 - Great Release Program

A page from my personal Book of Shadows.  I love paper art!  I find the designing, cutting, pasting, and gluing to be a zen-like past time.

Day 23 - Great Release Program by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2020

4th Qtr Moon in Capricorn Good luck today with Venus in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Capricorn -- even though it is early in the morning, the energy carries to the Moon conjunct Pluto and Saturn -- putting a glistening coat of good luck to those changes!  Remove any blocks that stand in the way of your Goal Visions!

Take advantage of that Dark Moon Energy!  Banish!  Banish!  Banish!

Today's Challenge:  Plant Day!  Take care of all your plants!  Remove dead ones, trim, water, re-pot -- whatever it takes.  No plants?  Why not add one to your home environment!  Plants are like pets -- you need to assess your own routine and decide what type of plant would be right for your personality and living space.  Earn 25 stars!  o plants and don't want any?  No problem!  Choose another task.

Countdown Challenge:  Today is number 9 in our countdown to completion.  I've chosen to use a Braucherei Diminishing Charm often used for sickness; but, it can be employed for other needs for our Countdown Magick.  The 9 Weeping Sisters charm is particularly helpful for banishing difficult or unknown illness, bad habits, and mental blocks, and mysterious occurrences.  The chant can be used in a ritual or by itself.  It also works for hypnotherapy sessions and EFT practices.

The following is taken from my book -- The Witching Hour -- Spells, Powders, Formulas and Witchy Techniques that Work -- page 214 and 215.

"For the working, select nine stones, buttons, or other small objects that you have cleansed in sea salt.  In this example, we will use stones.  Do not use coins as this will diminish your wealth."  For this program, we are concentrating on ourselves.  The working instructs that you write your name on a piece of brown paper nine times or on a photograph of yourself.  Dress the stones you have collected with a banishing magickal oil if you so desire or dot them with a liquid fluid condenser.  I prefer the fluid condenser because I believe it better carries your intent. *

We are beginning at the dark of the moon, considered most powerful for banishing, and will continue this working for 9 days.  Choose a time that you can repeat without interruption for the next nine days and be sure that the working area you choose will not be disturbed.  The closer to the exact timing of your repetition you can manage, the better; but, if something occurs that you just can't hit that same time, that's okay.  On the first night, anywhere from twilight to midnight, blow on each stone, then lay out the stones around your name or photo where they will not be disturbed.  Before proceeding, I would like you to look at those stones in a new way.  They are living, in that they are a part of our living earth.  They are bits of The Mother.  They will perform to help you.

Think about that.  Connect with those stones.  See them in a different, living light.

Next, in the Braucherei way, state your full name aloud three times, then employ the Silver Protocol you learned with this program, including clearly stating your intent.  Say the charm (NIne Weeping Sisters) before your positive tail-ender.  You can intone or whisper the words as you move your power energy in the heart-mind connection technique.

Repeat the charm (given in the photo and further on in this post) nine times.  I realize nine times feels tedious -- yet, the repetition in that number is an integral part of the overall working.  On the ninth repetition, remove one stone slowly.  Feel it glowing with the absorption of what you wish to diminish.  Allow the visualization of the story to surround you.  See the sisters.  Know that the sisters are negative energy -- not people.  They are mental blocks, haints, terror, anguish, fears -- and we want to dissolve them, yes we do.  The lake in the story is the water of you -- your emotional pool.  It also represents your blood.  The moving liquid within your body that is a part of you.  Finish with the protocol's "positive tail-ender".

Take that stone and throw it into running water off your property.  If you can't do that, wash the stone in saltwater outside of the home (not inside) and give it back to the earth (again off your property).  Finally, some prefer to leave the stone at the crossroads in a rainstorm, turn and not look back.  Do not keep the used stones inside the house for any reason.  The night you use it?  You remove it.

I will provide the remaining information of this spell here, even though we are going to be working through it for the next eight days and you don't need it today, just in case readers in the future somehow find this page and need to know the entirety of the working without going through the program.  

On the next night - day 8 which will be Friday - repeat your name three times, follow the Silver Protocol and repeat the charm (Nine Weeping Sisters) beginning at the "eight weeping sisters" line nine times.  The last time you repeat the charm do as before, add your positive tail-ender and remove the eighth stone, throwing it away, off your property, in running water or as otherwise discussed.

Do this procedure every night, saying the charm nine times but only from the number of stones you have left:  seven (seven sisters line), six (six sisters line), then five, etc. until you are down to the last stone.

On the ninth night, repeat the last four lines nine times:  "One weeping sister, left all alone, jumped from the ship and sunk like a stone  No weeping sisters stand by the lake.  The evil is gone!  Peace in its place!"  Remove the last stone and dispose of it.  Return to your altar, hold our hands over your picture or name and repeat the last two lines with conviction in your voice.  "No weeping sisters stand by the lake.  The evil is gone!  Peace in its place!  Yell "So be it" and mean it, slamming your hand down on your working surface as hard as you can (without breaking your altar or your hand).

Magickal Tips with this Spell -- We have used some interesting variations here, including using nine glasses of water.  When you whisper the words of the charm, you breathe over the glass of water.  The water is removed just like the stone, and the glass broken (so use cheap, dollar store containers).  NO plastic.  To work with water, you need to touch the web of water across the planet.  Another variation is to write the problem on nine pieces of paper and burning one paper each evening from the flame of a white or red candle.  Dispose of the ashes in the same way as discussed earlier.  You can also use a mixture of dirt, herbs, and water with 3 drops of universal fluid condenser to make small balls in place of the stones.

Nine Weeping Sisters Braucherei Chant presented by Silver RavenWolf

Nine weeping sisters stood by the lake One was removed, and then there were eight. Eight weeping sisters gazed at the heavens One was removed, and then there were seven. Seven weeping sisters broke red bricks One was removed, and then there were six. Six weeping sisters ran for their lives One was removed, and then there were five. Five weeping sisters left through the door One was removed, and then there were four. Four weeping sisters put out to sea One was removed, and then there were three. Three weeping sisters left as the crew One was removed, and then there were two. Two weeping sisters shied from the sun One was removed, and then there was one. One weeping sister, left all alone Jumped from the ship and sank like a stone. No weeping sisters stand by the lake. The evil is gone!  Peace in its place!

In this chant, the sisters are moving and they finally end up in the sea -- just as disease moves in the body and in Braucherei, it is caught and cleansed with saltwater.  In fact, in Braucherei we call this movement "chasing the demon".  This is particularly evident when an individual's diagnosis continues to change.  It was this, and then that, and now they think it is thus-and-so.  Ever know anyone who has experienced this?  What is happening here, in a shamanic view, is that the energy of the disease is unstable and keeps changing to get ahead of the healing energy onslaught.  If the healing continues -- eventually, the disease is pushed out of the body due to this instability.  In other words, the pattern cannot sustain itself or find purchase within the body because of the healer's and patient's work, so it is forced to leave.

For those of you who are wondering -- yes, the chant is associated with The Pleiades(/ˈplaɪ.ədiːz, ˈpliːə-/), also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45,  an open star cluster containing middle-aged, hot B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus. It is among the star clusters nearest Earth and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky. › wiki › Pleiades

Some of you have asked me for a picture of the Wish Tree. We have added several more feeders since this photo was taken in the spring.

Summary — Possible Stars Today: 47 


Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

Practice the Rattle Bath – earn one gold star.

Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar.

Do one thing toward this week’s goal — small steps are just fine.  This is Day 2 of your 4th goal. You have only one more Weekly Goal to set and accomplish!

Throw or give one thing away. — earn 1 gold star.

Today’ Challenge — Take care of your plants -- earn 25 gold stars.

Today's Count-Down - Begin the Nine Sisters Working -- earn 9 stars.

Practice the Silver Protocol.  How is this working for you?  Earn one star.

Do nine Three-Minute Dashes — earn 9 gold stars.

Practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review

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*Instructions for preparing your own Liquid Fluid Condenser can be found in my book - The Witching Hour, available in my Whisper Magick Shoppe, Amazon, and at your favorite

magickal bookstore.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within!


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