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Day 21 of the Great Release Challenge!

Day 21 of the Great Release Program! 30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Yes, this is a REAL Upside Down Yule Tree -- Compliments of Echo -- the tree sits on the floor upside down.

Your Mission Today:  Turn a tradition upside down.  Choose something that you’ve always done (can be holiday related, or not) in a certain way, at a certain time, and totally rearrange the experience.  It isn’t necessary to let go of the tradition, just tweek it so you can see that function from a totally different perspective.  By allowing a new focus, you encourage positive energy to surround something that may have grown stale, perhaps even disagreeable or stressful, or maybe enliven a tradition you already loved.  Things do not die because they are growing, they die because they become stagnant.

Happy Yule to those who will celebrate it today!  I will be spending time with my family, so you won’t see me on the internet until tomorrow.  Much love and light to all of you!

My Release Diary:  Um.  So!  I’m at our BFC Yule party the other night?  And I tell all my friends that I bought a new cage for my rat, Chi.  That I ordered it off the internet and that it should be coming any day.  I’m pretty excited about it, and they ask me how big it is.  I say, “Oh!  It’s bigger than the one he has, that’s why I’m getting him a new one.  He doesn’t have enough space.”  Great, they say.  So how big is it?  I think back to my ordering frenzy where I looked all over the place for just the right cage.  “Well, they didn’t have the one I really wanted, so I finally settled for a different one.”  So how big is it? comes the question again.  “I think it said 65 inches tall.”  Silence.



“Do you know how tall 65 inches is?”

“Well, it’s…” and my voice trails away.  “Big?”

Silver?  65 inches is as big as a person.


I take it math wasn’t your strong suit?

“Not funny.”

Are you sure it said 65 inches?

“Maybe I just read it wrong.  Or maybe I’m not remembering it correctly.”

You better hope your brain is going fuzzy, or else that rat of yours is going to be living in a palace.


The box came.

Or, should I amend this and say…Today the BIG container arrived.  Federal Express.  I dragged it into the house.  Okay, I say to myself, the box is really big because of all the packing materials.

I open the box.

Suffice it to say, my rat?

Now lives in a palace.

You know, I was going to chill today.  Just sort of sit back, catch up on a few things.  Prepare for the magickal time ahead.  Eeeee-yeah.  I spent the entire afternoon building the rodent Lincoln Center.  Four of the plastic pieces broke off of this monstrosity, thank-you-very-much.  Luckily, Jamieson came to the rescue with that tricky brain of his and figured out a safe and secure way to repair what I’d broken.  He didn’t even growl at me.  Just said, “Huh.  Okay.  I can fix that.”  And, ta-da!  Had it better than new in no time at all.  Of course, Chi, the rat, just wasn’t too sure he was ready to move to the Manhattan of rat cages.

Once ensconced in his new habitat I realized that it might be too drafty for him, so I hung curtains on it.  That’s fairly non-traditional.  Right?


Note to Self:  Mercury Retrograde Lesson 9-billion — things will show up bigger than they appear on your computer screen.  Actually, I’m not the only one that this happened to this week.  Someone else I know ordered something off the net, and it, too, was twice the size they anticipated.  At least I take comfort in the fact that I’m not alone.

I can’t say I was actually counting my blessings while putting the rat palace together; however, I did take the time to do so earlier, and also took four huge boxes out of my son’s old room that were filled with new skeins of yarn.  My daughter helped me go through them during dinner (yeah, we were up from the table over to the boxes, back at the table, up from the table over to the boxes…anyway, you get the idea).  We managed to combine the yarn into three boxes.  One box was set aside for a ten-year-old little girl who has just learned to crochet, and the other two went with me to our Crochet Circle night.  A small step of success, then, to cleaning out that room.  Four big boxes gone.  I’m happy with that.

Erecting the rat palace, however, did present a problem.  I had to make space for it where there wasn’t any.  This evening, I had to crawl over my chair to get in the chair to reach the keyboard to write this blog entry– because of the rat abode.

Okay, so, like…this isn’t going to work.

Tune in tomorrow for the creative-rat-room-makeover!

From Chi, and me, and Jamie, too — Happy Yule!

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