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Day 17 - Mini Release Program by Silver RavenWolf

This is my Butzfrau (Lady scarecrow -- Lady Boogieperson) that I made for my garden this year.  Louisa Lolly is posing for a front porch pic.  I don't know about shooing off the birds and deer; but, my girl certainly scares the bejeezus out of the delivery people.

Today's Challenge -- Make Yourself Pretty!  Today is a super easy day!  Give yourself a home spa day.  Why not try a lovely scented bath with candlelight, soft music, and warm, fluffy towels!  Earn 25 stars!

Working From Home? Be careful of Jammie Disease!

Although working in your jammies can be somewhat enticing at first, after a while, it can become downright depressing.  My grandmother hailed from West Virginia and she was insistent that you always changed out of your nightwear each day.  She said that dreams, night spirits and such nestled into the fabric, and could make you tired and lazy, eating up your spirit during the daylight hours.  Best to change into clean clothes, "put your face on" (make-up, teeth-brushing, hair-combing), and greet the day with a smile.  Clothing magick is very much associated with folk enchantments and superstitions, so it doesn't surprise me at her insistence.  Likewise, if you were sick, or had nightmares, you should wear clean pajamas or a fresh nighty each evening until the sickness or terrors had passed.  She also claimed that even if you were poor, you should be clean, as purification opened the way for good fortune to find you.  You never came to the breakfast table with dirty, uncombed hair or smelly clothes!  And, if you spent some time with an individual who was jealous of you, it was imperative to remove all clothing when you reached home and wash it in basil water.  Although it wasn't incredibly polite, she would say, "Put that basil in the warsh water to get thar stink off!" meaning use the herb to remove their negative vibrations.  And woe to that jealous neighbor if they visited and left something behind!  She would literally nail that piece of cloth to the ground out back, past the garage, to "nail their own nastiness to them" and keep it away from the good folk!

Summary --Earn 71 Stars!

Throw or Give one thing away.  Earn 1 Star. Today's Challenge:  Spa Day!  Earn 25 Stars! How Will You Avoid Jammie Disease during Quarantine?  Feel free to post! Do Four 3-minute dashes today -- earn 20 Stars! Get in Touch With One Person that you haven't heard from to make sure they are okay -- Earn 25 Stars!

Big Hugs Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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