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Day 15 Great Release Program

Did you know that polka dots are considered good fortune?  In the Philippines and France, some people believe in the superstition that the round dots of this pattern attract wealth.  I think I'm going to make myself a polka dot money bag -- throw in a little marigold, some sassafras, a dash of peppermint, a bit of lavender, and 3 shiny pennies.

Day Fifteen of the Great Release Program by Silver RavenWolf 2020

3rd Qtr Libra Moon Libra energy embraces beauty, artistic endeavors, freedom, innovation, luxury, negotiation, partnerships, agreements, and teamwork.  How can you incorporate any of these themes in your life today?

Today's Challenge:  Break Day!  Yup!  You earned it!  You are halfway through the Great Release Program!  Whoot!  I am so proud of you!  You can take a break today (and throw just one thing away), or you can use the day as a catch-up.  Regardless, you earn 10 stars today!

Summary -- Possible Stars Today:  15

Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

Practice the Rattle Bath – earn one gold star.

Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar.

Do one thing toward this week’s goal -- small steps are just fine.  This is Day 1 of your 3rd goal.

Throw or give one thing away. -- earn 1 gold star.

Today' Challenge --  Take a break!  Earn 10 Gold Stars!

Practice the Silver Protocol.  How is this working for you?  Earn one star.

Do one Three-Minute Dash -- earn one gold star.

Practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review

With joy...

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.


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