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Day 10 - The Great Release Program!

Summer Sunflower in Silver RavenWolf's garden.  During the war, I planted sunflowers with paper notes containing, sigils, charms, and names of my children to bring my son and daughter home safely -- a bit of Braucherei magick that worked wonderfully well.  In our home, sunflowers have become a symbol of life, success, happiness, and safety. To me, our lives are like a magnificent garden -- we enjoy many types of birth, growth, death, and periods of fallow, where we prepare ourselves to renew the cycle.  Patience and perseverance fertilize the garden of life.

Day Ten of the Great Release Program by Silver RavenWolf 2020

Full Moon (Cancer Moon - Capricorn Sun) - Lunar Eclipse Cancer Moon 2nd Qtr is tenacious and compassionate, excellent for practicing a new skill, learning something about a current activity, water magicks, and defense of home, family and children. Those who choose to interpret Cancer energy negatively will be fearful, narrow, moody or emotional. Today is a Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon, and Uranus turns direct -- The Sun in Capricorn is also conjunct Mercury -- zinging informative and communicative energy your way. This lunar eclipse may clear away emotional baggage so that you can move forward with clarity. Working with compassionate and truth gemstones along with water (the element of the moon) can enhance the more positive aspects of this eclipse. Gemstones to work with over the eclipse: Amethyst, Amber, and Onyx (Protection); Rose Quartz (Compassion); Tiger Eye (Truth) -- This Lunar Eclipse encourages you to release and let go of what is no longer serving you.  During an eclipse - our observations occur in a twilight where the truth glimmers and beckons us to affirm change.  A lunar eclipse often insists that we shift our perspective.  In this eclipse, the Sun is opposite a stellium -- a vibrating energy net that consists of several dynamic energies -- the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto and that Saturn/Pluto combination says major change -- patience, self-reliance, and hard work WILL pay off!  Don't give up!  If you think about it, you've probably been letting go and experiencing closure on several issues in your life for the past ten days.  Today, surf over the drama and  Flow!  Flow!  Flow!

Today's Challenge: Moving with the magick of the heavens, use water as much as possible in your enchantments and release challenges today.  For example, wash the floor (sprinkle a little salt, lemon, and lime in the water); or, do the laundry (add basil to the wash water).  Make sure all the dishes are clean and put away.  Wipe down all the mirrors in your home or apartment.  For each water task you accomplish -- give yourself 5 gold stars!

The typical interest of the average human lasts approximately ten days.  After the tenth day attention tends to wane.  If you managed to hang with the program, you are indeed a serious seeker who will succeed in this year's Great Release Program!  Give yourself 25 stars!  You are 1/3 of the way through the program and you are AWESOME!

Let's keep going!

Summary -- Possible Stars Today:  Up to you depending on how many water tasks you accomplish

Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.

Practice the Rattle Bath – earn one gold star.

Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar.

Read your Main Goal 9 times aloud - earn one gold star -- Today is the last day.

Do one thing toward this week’s goal -- small steps are just fine.  This is Day 3 of your 2nd goal.

Throw or give one thing away. -- earn 1 gold star.

Today' Challenge --  Water Tasks -- you can earn an unlimited number of stars --5 stars per each task

Practice the Silver Protocol.  How is this working for you?  Earn one star.

Do one Three-Minute Dash -- earn one gold star.

Practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review

Bonus:  25 gold stars for making it through 10 days of the Great Release Program!

With joy...

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within.


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