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2024 New Year's Ritual for Good Fortune and Family Harmony by Silver RavenWolf

The Turn of the Wheel at the 2024 New Year contains incredible power waiting to be utilized for positive manifestation. Jupiter turns direct on the 30th, giving us a breath of expansive fresh air and an optimistic outlook for the future. 3rd Qtr Virgo Moon in the first decan at the moment that clock strikes the new year brings positive energy and a lovely promise of stability and success for 2024, particularly since it is singing a song of a Grand Earth Trine with the Sun (Capricorn), and Jupiter (Taurus) – a tune of wealth and general good fortune for all who choose to enhance the universe with joy.

The 3rd Quarter position of the moon opens the way to letting go of the old and celebrating the new! Versatile, inventive, fluid, trustworthy, and generous, this Virgo moon floods the first moments of 2024 with inspiration and creativity. 

Mercury turns direct on 1 January, curtailing those feelings of confusion and miscommunications. (10:08 PM EST/7:08 PM PST) As a reminder, Mercury leaves its storm on 8 January, releasing you from the dregs of tangled webs!

Venus squares Saturn early on 1 January 2024, and you may feel that pinch in your wallet leading up to the Eve, or you might trip over a Scrooge or two. You should remind them that they will be visited by three spirits before dawn and trundle on. 

The 2024 Ritual provided in this article incorporates popular New Year's practices, including candles, herbal magicks, and a fun fireworks application! The following ceremony conducted in a sacred space, combines several ideas to create a meaningful experience to help you welcome the coming year. You can perform this ritual alone, with family members and friends, or with your covenmates. Adjust the ritual to accommodate your personal and religious needs.

Suggested Materials


  • One grey taper, votive, or tea candle to symbolize the past year. The color grey represents the year fading into the past.

  • One white candle to represent your ancestors. You don't have to like them, you are honoring the passage of time and your position in it.

  • Several smaller candles (Aspect Candles) to represent different aspects of your life (health, love, prosperity, etc.). They can be of various colors to match the theme, such as green for health, red for prosperity, and pink for love.  Chime and tea candles work well for this. 

  • A decorated candle for the new year.  Spice it up with glitter!  One candle for each family member.  Chimes, votives, or tea candles work well.  You can also (if you are industrious) make a spirit doll for each family member filled with some of your chosen good fortune herbs.  I made poppet pegs for each individual. I drill a hole in the bottom of the doll and insert magickal powders. Give the doll to the individual when the ritual is done, or secure it in a safe cabinet or cupboard.

Good Fortune Sachet

  • Your favorite color small fabric pouch or bag. This can be store-bought, or one you’ve made and decorated with unique embellishments. I developed my Red Cat oil and sachet to use for rituals like this one. Red Cat pounces on opportunity and races to the good fortune finish!

  • Herbs and crystals associated with good fortune (such as cinnamon, basil, clove, rosemary, thyme, patchouli, rose, sage, mint, ginger, citrine, jade, carnelian, labradorite, red jade, rose quartz, or aventurine).  2024 power number is 8 – therefore, the number of items in your bag would be eight if you wish to follow that formula.  Eight is the number of self-mastery and skill accomplishment.

  • A small piece of paper with your written intentions/wishes for the new year.

Paper – two pieces – one for writing what you want to release from this past year and one for your intent/wishes for the new year.

Firesafe metal cauldron or dish to burn the paper listing your release items.

Magickal Oil corresponding to good luck, new beginnings, or harmony to “dress” or dot on candles, petition paper, and sachet.  I will be using my RED CAT celebration and success magickal oil.

Your favorite incense or herbal smoke and firesafe holder.

Glass of Clear water as an offering to your ancestors and the universe.

Blessed Water and Salt to sprinkle in the corners of the room.

Fireworks: Optional. Depending on your location and safety regulations, you can choose from sparklers, small fireworks, or even a symbolic representation like LED lights.

Ritual Steps

Create Sacred Space

  • Choose a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed.

  • Arrange supplies in a central place, leaving enough space for the other items. If you do not have an altar, the kitchen or dining room table is best as it represents the center of the living environment.

  • Sprinkle salt and blessed water in the room's corners to remove negativity.

  • Light the incense or sacred smoke and waft through the area and over your supplies.

  • Bless all supplies with words of joy and dot each item with the magickal oil. Do not put any oil on the fireworks. Light the ancestor candle and place the water glass beside it.

Herbs for Good Fortune

Sprinkle some of the herbs associated with good fortune around the candles, creating a circle. This represents the protective and positive energy you invite into the new year.

Lighting the Past Year Candle

Begin by lighting the grey taper candle, symbolizing the past year. Take a moment to reflect on the experiences, lessons, and memories of the year that is ending.  Burn the paper that contains what you want to release in the firesafe cauldron.  As the smoke rises, express gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned.

Herbs and Good Fortune Sachet

Take the remaining herbs associated with good fortune and place them in the sachet along with the paper containing your written intention. When relaxed and calm, blow your breath/intentions into the bag three times. Close. Hold the sachet and focus on the positive energy you wish to attract in the coming year. Visualize yourself happy, prosperous, healthy, and safe.

Lighting the Aspect/Life Candles

Light the smaller candles, each representing a different aspect of your life (health, love, prosperity, etc.). As you light each one, express gratitude for the positive elements in that area of your life.

Light the Family Candles  

Express gratitude, love, and wishes of good fortune for each person. Watch how these candles burn as the patterns can be a divinatory tell for their present circumstances. You may need to do separate work for their good fortune and healing in the coming month.

New Year Candle

Light the candle, symbolizing the new year. As you do so, set your intentions for the coming year, envisioning positive changes and new opportunities. They should match the thoughts you placed into the sachet.

Fireworks Light the fireworks or sparklers in your location if it's safe and permitted. As you watch them, visualize your intentions and wishes for the new year, taking flight and manifesting.


Sit peacefully in silence, feeling the positive energy in your created space. Express gratitude for the past year and the opportunities that lie ahead. Thank the nature spirits of this place and divinity for being a part of your life. Say: "In this moment, I am at peace with the world and everything in it."


Once all the candles have burned, make notations in your magickal journal that you feel are important - your feelings, goals, how the candles burned, whether you heard any natural sounds, etc. Keep the sachet to carry with you or place on your altar. Throw all other supplies away.

Remember, the most crucial aspect of any ritual is the personal meaning it holds for you. Feel free to adapt this ritual to better suit your beliefs and preferences.  Next New Year?  Burn your sachet as part of your release at the beginning of the ritual and make a new one for the coming year!

Thank you so much for embracing this ritual!  Let me know if you performed it, and how you felt.  Share any interesting or unusual experiences by posting below.  I would love to hear!

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