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Easy Opportunity Spell!

Road Opener Magickal Working

Chili Peppers! Whether you raise them yourself or purchase these sizzling fruits of the earth from your favorite farm or grocery -- there is no limit to the amazing enchantments you can perform! From love to legal work, from motivation to opportunity -- a variety of hot pepper types have an important roll in the Whisper Magick we do here.

The working in this picture is super simple and extremely effective -- Opportunity Boost! We took one of our hand rolled, dressed and loaded Road Opener Beeswax candles, dressed it with a little Chipotle Hot Sauce, and surrounded the candle with a selection of hot peppers, and 9 brand new pennies. If you are looking for a specific type of opportunity, write your desire with red pen on a piece of brown paper (brown of the earth). Rub the paper with the hot sauce and place it under your candle holder. You may also wish to put the paper in a red envelope or bag along with dried hot pepper powder or our Precipitate Powder. Intone your favorite chant 9 times over your candle or while holding the candle before you light the wick (your choice -- different practitioners use several techniques). Burn one candle each day for 3 days if your need is average, 7 days if your need is important, and 9 days if your need is desperate. Each day knock 3 times on the altar beside the candle as you finish the final line of your chant. On the last day of the working bury the peppers in the ground. Burn the paper petition and the envelope (if you used one). Give the pennies to charity. It is important that you NOT keep the pennies. You can, however, spend the pennies on supplies for a charitable project -- for example making a blanket for a sick child or organic ingredients for dog treats that you will give away.

The chant we used for this working was extremely simple:

"Peppers ignite Opportunity right."

Meaning -- May the energy of the fruit and candle light the way, remove all blocks, for the opportunity that is right for this situation to emerge.

What we desired game to pass within 4 hours of the working; however, magick is dependent solely upon the practitioner and his or her circumstances. If a working does not manifest your desire from moon to moon (30 days), then you should either repeat the spell or ritual OR consider a different type of working.

The Chili Pepper Spell for Opportunity can be done on a Mars Day (Tuesday), in a Mars Planetary Hour, or when the Moon is in a Fire Sign, or when Mars is well aspected. Waxing or Waning Moon depends upon your intent -- are you clearing the way? You may like to try a waning moon in a fire sign -- Scorpio also works well for this working.

Thank you for spending a few moments in my magickal cottage! May love surround you. May peace be forever in you!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!

Silver RavenWolf

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